Lee Rush


Lee Rush was born in a small Tennessee town that had an old-fashioned town square in the middle of town. Her mother worked for the doctor who delivered her. Though she grew up in Chicago, her heart was tied to that small Tennessee town.
Growing up, she wrote stories about what it would be like to grow up in Tennessee, even being published in her local newspaper, where she worked at various tasks during her summer vacations. Realizing that she would never travel to places she saw on TV, she sent for materials from exotic places and wrote stories about the places she saw in those pictures.
Six months after her wedding at her mother's house, Lee and her husband chucked what would be a normal lifestyle for most people and went "bumming".
They worked for a while, made some money and moved down the road to the next place they wanted to see, stopping in Tennessee, Florida, New Orleans,
Houston, Phoenix and a short journey into California before returning to Phoenix for five years. Lee's memories of these places help her to bring them to her stories.
Though her primary reading was in the area of science fiction and Stephen King, she has found a home in "erotic romance" and enjoys putting her thoughts of why people do the things they do on paper.
Life interfered in her writing and it was put on a shelf while she worked to support her ailing husband and children. She attended writer's workshops to keep her skills sharpened, but it was not until her husband's health required her to retire from work that she was actually able to use those skills, finally having enough time to sit and write.
"Bound by Fate" is her second book to be published and the first with Black Velvet Seductions. The experience she has had with the people at Black Velvet has encouraged her and taught her more than the workshops ever did. She is already at work on her next book, as well as stories for upcoming anthologies.
"Bound by Fate" tells the story of James and Annie, mature adults who have found each other on the internet, almost lost what could have been and find each other again.
Lee loves to hear from her readers by e-mail at lee.rush.bvs@gmail.com


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