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  • When You Can't Go Back - A Career Guide to a New Start on March 22, 2014

    The book is directed toward those who are at a critical turning point regarding making a career -- or even life -- change, whether on a voluntary or involuntary basis. Needless to say, our identity is defined to a great extent by our jobs for the major part of our adulthood. Job loss or facing the possibility of job loss naturally generates a crisis associated with the resulting monetary and identity losses. The accompanying fear and uncertainty cause numerous psychological disturbances. The common reaction for most people is to try to keep their job, driven by one's survival instinct. Unfortunately, it's not unusual that when people struggle to hold on to their jobs and endure the stress and challenges for an extended period, they are eventually forced out despite their relentless coping efforts. The real negative impact is to suffer detrimental effects on one's physical and mental health, as the author has observed from working with his patients over the years. So, when standing at the crossroads and consumed by the dilemma of whether to quit or stay, what is the right choice? When stymied in an irreversible situation and facing the unknowns and uncertainties, where is the clear path? Or, being unable to return to the previous job, is this twist of fate sending an unequivocal message that propels one to go back to look inward and explore one's inner self? Captivating, heart-warming, and easy to read, this smart and pithy book offers sound and practical advice and methodic and fun exercises to help readers transition to a fulfilling job (career) and meaningful life.