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  • Rejection, A Novel on Aug. 07, 2012

    Maggie has just broken up with her boyfriend Connor – or in fact, he broke up with her. Her job as a fact-checker for a documentary-making company is going well, but she has some difficult co-workers to deal with. When her love life doesn’t improve and two of her friends are getting married, she feels like a failure. But slowly she picks herself up and learns to deal with life as it comes to her. The book is very well written and the story is set out really well. However, there were a few spelling errors (which I could forgive the writer given the high standard of writing) and sometimes the chapters ended a bit abruptly. The story was fun and realistic (without becoming boring). It is chick-lit in some sense – it’s about a twenty-something woman looking for a relationship, but it’s not the standard story of will they/won’t they (and of course they will, in the end). Rather, the book is the story of a woman finding her way in life where work, friends and relationships are all an important part. The story is not hugely exciting but interesting enough to keep reading. I got attached to Maggie and hoped at every situation that things would work out for her. I didn’t get impatient with her as with (some) other chick-lit where the main character is too dumb to be believable. Instead, Maggie was a realistic person who did of course make the odd mistake or misjudged a situation as we all do from time to time. This book is a lot better than the average chick-lit and I enjoyed reading it. I think it will appeal especially to readers in their twenties and thirties.
  • The Travel Auction on July 30, 2013

    I loved the description of the book and it was as much fun as I’d hoped. The book is a kind of lad-lit / chick-lit, an easy read which is both funny and serious at times. When Kate doesn’t turn out to be what Jonathan expected, his first reaction is to walk off. While this is not a very polite nor adult way of dealing with the situation, it is certainly believable. And there are many more situations in the story that I found very likely to happen – a good insight from the author. While there were also some unlikely issues, to start with, finding a “new” Kate Thornly on eBay, really?, most of the book was in the realm of the possible. The book is told alternately from Jonathan and Kate’s perspective. I didn’t like Jonathan a lot. He is rather business-like, sees his trip as something he booked, so he feels he has to go, but his heart doesn’t seem into it. He hasn’t thought out what it will be like to travel with a new, unknown companion. Kate is more likeable, she’s quite independent and and knows how to handle Jonathan, which was fun to see. I wasn’t sure what to expect – after the initial eBay auction, when Jonathan and Kate have met and are on their way, how could this story still be interesting? But it was. Things happen on the way that made me want to keep reading. At times, I had a good idea of the (South-American) surroundings, but this definitely wasn’t a travel guide, and the story about Jonathan and Kate took first position, which some of the scenery being described as and when it fitted in the story. For me, a novel is often interesting whenever both protagonists get the chance to tell their side of the story. This is also true for The Travel Auction. Jonathan writes about Kate, making assumptions, while Kate looks at things very differently. I love that! In all, a fun and easy-going read about two very different people that learn to travel together and have a good time with it. Not too good a time, of course, otherwise the book would be rather predictable and boring. Which it isn’t.
  • The Infinite Within on Aug. 17, 2013

    This was a fun, but not always believable story, about a woman astronaut, Brooke Jones, who travels to Mars and causes the authorities a lot of hassle when she returns back to Earth. The president, the FBI, and a large company, all make their appearance. While I usually don’t enjoy stories where they do, in this case, I didn’t mind as the story focused more on Brooke than on them. The story of Brooke was intriguing (if probably not scientifically possible) and I wanted to know more about her. I was keen for her to stay out of reach of the several authorities that were after her. She was a strong woman, which I always like to read about. The writing wasn’t always strong – especially the dialogues were sometimes a little stilted. For instance, people would give each other information that they should know already (for instance, because they live together, like Brooke and her boyfriend), and the information was obviously only given so the reader would understand what was going on. Also, I didn’t like how sometimes months or years could pass from one paragraph to the next, without there being much change in the characters or their lives (an exception being Brooke’s boyfriend). But overall, I found this story very entertaining, and when I wasn’t reading, I was looking forward to pick up the e-reader again to continue.