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Artifact of the 20th Century - carbon-based biped of the baby boomer generation given the misconception of entitlement by demand breast feeding. Educated in State indoctrination camps (AKA public school)& matriculated college without the use of Google or Wikipedia. Stumbled through life bobbling my testicles and being lied to.

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  • Stations of the Cross for Alcoholics on Dec. 19, 2011

    What a stroke of genius! Not only does the recovering addict share in the suffering of Jesus in carrying of his cross, passion, and crucifixion, as they deal with their own pain and anguish, but each humiliation and confrontation encountered by Jesus is related to the recovering addict's battle. The path of sobriety becomes enobled by the parallel with Christ's journey to the cross, His death, and burial. And because the meditations related to recovery from addiction are aligned with the Stations of the Cross (found in every Catholic Church), the recovering addict can walk the walk with Jesus and reflect on the success and pitfalls of their journey to restored health. Moreover, this unique series of meditations for the Stations of the Cross provides a beneficial approach to personal self-examination for anyone afflicted with "stinking thinking" looking for healing. Well done, Paul Sofranko. This is a great resource for anyone in a 12 step program and would be a tremendous addition to anyone's daily devotion.