Legion Of Filth

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Welcome to Legion Of Filth on Smashwords. Erotic Stories told with a little fun and humor. Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories feature works from Luca Satana/Tura Brasi and Byzantine Thomas.

Luca Satana/Tura Brasi titles are vile and incest-laden, so if this happens to be your taboo of choice, you can't go wrong with a Luca Satana/Tura Brasi title. Best sellers have been The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn, A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong, Taking Care Of Grandma, Aunt Sarah's Answer To Everything, In Addition To Everything Else Going On In My Life Now I Have To Get My Mom Pregnant Too!, and of course Luca's Naughty Bits series. As of 2018, Luca Satana will publish as Tura Brasi, so if you've favorited Luca Satana, you might wanna favorite Tura Brasi as well.

Byzantine Thomas titles are pretty vile as well, but mostly devoid of incest. Whenever incest does creep up, it's only going to be pseudo-incest. Like Luca Satana/Tura Brasi, Byzantine Thomas titles have a lot of cum play. Best sellers have been The Amazing Mosely Untreu Sex Guide and Eldon And The Sorority House Zombie Apocalypse.

Additional LOF authors: Gidea Zammis would like to bring a little more class to Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories. Enough with all this cum flying every which way, as in the case with Luca Satana and Byzantine Thomas titles. Gidea Zammis titles will be more story-driven, stylized, with a milder, more mature approach to the erotic story writing. Joy Boycrazy is just that: Boycrazy. Joy may just be starting out but she has tons of naughty naughty thoughts in her head she would love to share with the world. So be sure and favorite her and collect all her boycrazy works.

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