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Welcome to Legion Of Filth on Smashwords. Erotic Stories told with a little fun and humor. Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories feature works from Luca Satana/Tura Brasi and Byzantine Thomas.

Luca Satana/Tura Brasi titles are vile and incest-laden, so if this happens to be your taboo of choice, you can't go wrong with a Luca Satana/Tura Brasi title. Best sellers have been The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn, A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong, Taking Care Of Grandma, Aunt Sarah's Answer To Everything, In Addition To Everything Else Going On In My Life Now I Have To Get My Mom Pregnant Too!, and of course Luca's Naughty Bits series. As of 2018, Luca Satana will publish as Tura Brasi, so if you've favorited Luca Satana, you might wanna favorite Tura Brasi as well.

Byzantine Thomas titles are pretty vile as well, but mostly devoid of incest. Whenever incest does creep up, it's only going to be pseudo-incest. Like Luca Satana/Tura Brasi, Byzantine Thomas titles have a lot of cum play. Best sellers have been The Amazing Mosely Untreu Sex Guide and Eldon And The Sorority House Zombie Apocalypse.

Additional LOF authors: Gidea Zammis would like to bring a little more class to Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories. Enough with all this cum flying every which way, as in the case with Luca Satana and Byzantine Thomas titles. Gidea Zammis titles will be more story-driven, stylized, with a milder, more mature approach to the erotic story writing. Joy Boycrazy is just that: Boycrazy. Joy may just be starting out but she has tons of naughty naughty thoughts in her head she would love to share with the world. So be sure and favorite her and collect all her boycrazy works.

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Little Big Bangs
Byzantine Thomas has finally done it! Tons of fun little stories called Little Big Bangs featuring tales upon tales of little big bangs, and those who would very much like to be the recipient of such little big bangs. Everyone is sure to love Byzantine Thomas’ Little Big Bangs! Enjoy!
I Felt So Bad About Giving My Mom A Sore Throat
A while back I had a wicked sore throat. And man, I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. Most certainly I wouldn’t wish it upon my mom. But, unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. Well, not so much as wish it upon my mom. But give it to her. And, I don’t know, when that happens, when you give a wicked sore throat to your poor mom, well, you’ll do just about anything to ease her pain. I know that’s what I did. And I’m not the least bit sorry. Well, maybe a little bit.
How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Family
One doesn’t just start doing this sort of thing. Or at least I didn’t. It was just something I feel I simply fell into. In fact, I’m almost certain there was only one way this whole thing could have ever ended up. And it’s with that realization that I finally learned how to stop worrying and love my family. Hopefully this helps. Yours truly, Fisher.
I Don’t Care You Have To Eat Something Mom!
For whatever reason, my mom felt she needed to lose some weight. So that’s what she did. And then some. Eventually, I had to step in. I told her, “I don’t care! You have to eat something, Mom!” So that’s what she did. And then some. More than I could muster. And then some more after that. I truly think it was the best thing for her. Or maybe it was the best thing for me. Truly the best.
Those Awkward Moments After Your Best Friend’s Mom Accidentally Gulps A Mouthful Of Your Cum
My best friend Johnny was like, “Hey, it must suck having to sleep on the floor every time you spend the night. Ya know, if you want, you can take my mom’s bed.” I narrowed my eyes, thinking it was just another practical joke in a long line of practical jokes Johnny played on me through the years. So, I was like, “Uh, duh. Sure. Whatever.” And he was like, “No, I’m serious. My mom spent the last 6 out of 7 nights over her new boyfriend’s house, so she’s probably gonna spend the night there tonight, too.” And I was like, “Seriously?” I was surprised. I didn’t think Lucy and her new boyfriend were that serious. And he was like, “Gees, yes. I mean, dude, I’m just thinking of you. I just want you to get some good sleep for once. Instead of sleeping on the floor.” And I was like, “I don’t mind sleeping on the floor.” And he was like, “Fine. Whatever.” And I was finally like, “Okay. I’ll sleep in your mom’s bed. It’s weird, but I’ll do it.” And he was like, “What’s weird about it? It’s just a bed.” I nodded and got up and headed into Lucy’s room, sealing my fate to what happened next.
My Super Sexy Prep Room Teacher Is Also My Super Sexy Sex-Slave
By far, one of the coolest, and probably out-there things my Dad ever did for me was on the Christmas following my 18th birthday, when he bought me a sex-slave. Yeah, I told you it was pretty out-there. But, again, I'm not complaining. At the time, I thought I was pretty fucking lucky - excuse my French. And I still do. Especially when I found out who my sex-slave was, well, none other than my absolutely gorgeous and super sexy prep room teacher, Miss Rose.
My Mom’s Fucked-Up Time-Outs Should Really Be Called Time-Ins
If you ask me, my mom’s fucked-up time-outs should really be called time-ins. I’m just saying. I’m not trying to be crass. Just accurate. So many things in life are inaccurate. Or, let’s face it, false. Or just lazily handled. So, I would like to get this one thing right. And that is my mom’s fucked-up time-outs should really be called time-ins.
My Mom’s Mouth Is My Cock’s House
If I was trying to frame it as a good thing, I guess you could say I was helping my mom through the grieving process. In a way, if you will, weaning her off my dad’s memory. After all, it stands to reason, since my dad was, well, my dad, naturally my cock wasn’t going to fall far from my dad’s cock. Judging from my mom’s, well, let’s say enthusiasm, I think she would agree. So, in a way, I think what I did was almost noble. Plus, it felt really fucking good, given, apparently how fucking good my mom was at, well, essentially, sucking cock.
A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong
Eric Brennan was a handsome 18 year old young man who really wanted to help his mother. He knew his father was no good for his mother. He was mean. Abusive. Controlling. In fact, the only good thing he ever did for her was fuck her. A lot. Eric knew this from all the years growing up in the house and hearing them going at it. Especially his mother, who was a particularly loud lover. And so, Eric decided he would confront his mother on Spring Break. First thing he did was pack his suitcase and his mother's suitcase. Then he took a deep breath and approached his mother. Sabrina Brennan was a very pretty and very sweet 41 year old woman. But she needed help. The sad thing was she didn't even realize it. Not until that fateful day when her son pointed it out to her. Suddenly her eyes were opened. And so, she agreed. Finally, they were off!
Art Moms Are Just Different
When I think about my art mom, I just know I can’t be the only one going through this, suffering day and night at the hands and body of an art mom. I’d be curious to know. For now, all I can do is persevere, and maybe in the more sobering moments, enjoy the art.
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