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Joseph L. Cooperstein spends most of his time lamenting the fact that there is currently only one human habitat in low Earth orbit, and none at all in the rest of space. When he's not doing that, he is either sketching dragons on napkins or running scenarios in his Skull-Mounted Reality Simulator & Thinking Device™. In the brief moments between those strenuous and time-consuming activities, he—as you might imagine—writes. He has a degree in Theater and studied literature extensively during his college years.

He is known, where he is known online, as Leisandir, although sometimes he spells it with an 'e' for no particularly good reason.

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The Book of the Mighty
Price: Free! Words: 290. Language: English. Published: October 7, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Fantasy
This short graphic novel functions as a prelude to our recently published novel, The Dying of the Light. The Angels have rebelled against their Goddess and now wage a destructive war on the earth. Meanwhile, the peaceful Angel of Guilt watches from heaven and has her last conversation with her demonic lover as the world is destroyed.
The Dying of the Light
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 102,730. Language: English. Published: October 7, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General, Fiction » Adventure » Action
An elderly woman, once a powerful sorceress and now a priestess to her Goddess, goes with her young ward on his travels to see strange lands. While they wander this new continent, a star falls to the earth—a star which heralds a coming evil. With the help of companions old and new, they must fight the menace which threatens to swallow their world.

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