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I grew up on the east coast, went to college on the west coast, and live in the middle of the country. I've always been a story teller. When I was given the choice on a writing test to either write about a hero in my life, or create one, I chose to create one. I suppose I couldn't help but want to create my own adventures or express my own ideas about what a "hero" was. I was always making up wild stories; if someone wanted to hear a story, I'd always make up the most fantastic and silly tales right on the spot. One day, a friend asked me to tell her a story, and so I did. When I was finished, she wanted to hear more; she wanted it to be longer, with more details. I suppose she told me to write a book...and so I did. This was the start of many late nights hunched over my computer. Later on, I really wanted to publish my works since so many of my friends and family seemed to enjoy them. More so than that though, I wanted to express myself, to convey my emotions and perceptions into a form that others could connect with. Writing thus helped me to connect with others, as well as to find myself through my characters. I feel so very lucky to have discovered smashwords, and to have been given this opportunity to share my stories with the world. Thank you for reading!

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Describe your desk
Scrunched between my window and my bed, my desk sits in an awkward corner. Loose pencils and eraser shavings litter it (making it look a lot dirtier than it actually is). My printer is unplugged. Something that's suppose to hold up the paper is broken off of it (I blame the cat) but it still seems to work...on occasion. The unplugged desk lamp and pencil/pen holders are all huddled in a corner, protected by the hour glass which only lasts about 37 minutes, a can of Clorox wipes, and a jar of origami stars from the cat who often enjoys chewing on them. (I should've bought cat toys instead of using pencils to entertain her as kitten. Now no matter how many toys I buy, she still prefers the pencils/pens.) However in blocking off my writing utensils, it becomes difficult to access them (though none have any led or ink anyway so perhaps it matters not). Papers are always falling over, under, and around the desk; I can't say I know what most of them are for, but I'm sure they're around the desk for a reason. If they stay around it long enough I'm sure i'll remember why they're there.Cords like vines hang from and around my desk as well, no doubt damaging whatever electronic they may be attached to. Random CD's, receipts, and price tags are common guests to the white wooden slab from Ikea ( the Ikea slab being my desk) as well. I do have a mouse pad, two actually.However the mouse is always missing or broken, so I suppose they're simply nice decorations. They go very well with the random painted wolf or fairy statues, and very much compliment the miscellaneous object that occasionally glows. I'm proud to say my desk is quite the adventure, though I wouldn't wander too deep, one may get lost.
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A Mother's Love
Price: Free! Words: 62,570. Language: English. Published: August 27, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Inspirational, Fiction » Christian » Fantasy
(4.00 from 1 review)
Rosetta can do nothing as her son grows into a terrible, yet politically powerful person. Living in the faithless world her son creates, Rosetta struggles to love her son as only a mother could, with the principles of love, patience, and above all else, faith.

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