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Hi! I'm a former Army battalion surgeon who now practices medicine as a civilian and who scribbles for scraps in my downtime! My hobbies include Brazilian jiu jitsu, muay Thai, playing guitar and babying my American bulldog puppy. I read on a healthy variety of subjects including history, medicine, and current affairs and I read The New England Journal of Medicine and The Economist weekly (plus the half dozen books that I usually have going at anytime).

I am currently the author of three works as listed below and I have four additional works in various stages of completion.

1. The Life of a Colonial Fugitive: An historical thriller based in the American Revolution. Available on Smashwords, on Kindle, and in paperback through Amazon/CreateSpace.

2. The Cannabinoid Hypothesis: A dark medical/science thriller. Available on Amazon and coming early next week to Smashwords (also available in print through Amazon/CreateSpace).

3. Intrusive Memory: My memoir of how I overcame a sadistically abusive childhood that resulted in a severe case of PTSD to claw my way through college and into medical school, where I graduated at the top of my class! Available on Kindle and in print through Amazon/CreateSpace.

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Leonardo Noto (nom de plume)

Please visit my blog, "The Health and Medical Blog with a Personality" at www.leonardonoto.com or follow me on Twitter@DrLeonardoNoto

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