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I am a 32 year old single mother of a beautiful little boy, I am the middle child with 2 brothers (Collin & James) and 2 sisters (Nicky & Lauren). We were originally 6 but I lost my brother Mitchel nearly 20 years ago in a tragic accident. I live at home with my mother and my sister's 4 children. I originate from Johannesburg, South Africa and was raised in 1 of the toughest areas. Life wasn't always easy but God has always provided for my family. I am a very religious person and believes that God has a purpose for my life. Hopeless romantic, yes that's me. Even though I have had my heart broken a few times I still believe that one day (hopefully soon) I will find my other half. My father, who is still alive, has always taught us to be honest in that he is extremely blunt, sometimes a little to blunt. I learned from my mother to be kind and giving a lesson I have passed on to my son.

I studied psychology for 2 years but due to financial difficulties I had to stop my studies but I hope to complete my degree. I got my first job when I was in the 9th grade and have spent my entire adult life in the workplace but a 9 to 5 will not be able to help me fulfill my dream. I would love to start and manage a shelter and a few youth centers one day to help the youngsters in my neighborhood as there isn't much for them to do here and there is so much potential. People find it strange cause though I have a cheery disposition and get on well with others I am more of a loner. I do have a big circle of friends as I can associate with all types of people I do however spent most of my time alone or with "my kids".

Writing has always been a hobby and a way of escape for me. My mother who is also my biggest fan pushed me to get published as she believes that I have a talent. If I can make a success of something that I love doing and it can empower me to make m dreams a reality by helping others then I would have reached my goal. I hope that those who read my book will agree with my mother and enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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