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G.M. Ford broke onto the mystery scene with Who in Hell is Wanda Fuca?, a gin soaked tome featuring Seattle PI Leo Waterman, whose primary claim to fame was the group of street people with whom he occasionally worked. The six book Leo Waterman series was nominated for the Shamus, the Anthony, the Lefty and a couple of other awards probably best forgotten.

In 2001, Mr. Ford began a new series, featuring disgraced reporter Frank Corso and his goth assistant Meg Dougherty. Six books later, Mr. Ford, as is apparently his ilk, decided to do "something else" and penned his first stand-alone thriller, Nameless Night.

The most recent chapter in Mr. Ford's writing life began in 2011, when, in a fit of pique, and after a twelve year hiatus, he decided to write a new Leo Waterman novel, Thicker Than Water. Thomas & Mercer (Amazon) promptly bought it, and signed him up to write two more. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mr Ford is presently working on Leo Waterman #8, Chump Change. He lives and works in Seattle, and is married to the beautiful and talented mystery author Skye Kathleen Moody.


Who in Hell is Wanda Fuca? 1995 Walker/Avon
Cast in Stone 1996 Walker/Avon
The Bum’s Rush 1997 Walker/Avon
Slow Burn 1998 Avon/Avon
Last Ditch 1999 Avon/Avon
The Deader the Better 2000 Avon/Avon
Thicker than Water 2012 Thomas & Mercer

Fury 2001 Harper Collins/Avon
Black River 2002 Harper Collins/Avon
A Blind Eye 2003 Harper Collins/Avon
Red Tide 2004 Harper Collins/Avon
No Man’s Land 2005 Harper Collins/Avon
Blown Away 2006 Harper Collins/Avon
Namlesss Night 2008 Harper Collins/Avon

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