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  • The Other Guy on Oct. 29, 2012

    Oft-dumped Emory James, self-esteem in shambles, heart smeared across a church aisle, decides to invent a whole new self by taking advantage of his honeymoon trip to Thailand without the bride-to-be who left him at the altar. His new self increasingly involves a handsome and talented stranger, Nate Harris, but what happens when Emory's new self returns to his old life? Romance writer, Cary Attwell deftly navigates the after-effects of rejection and public humiliation with a light touch that doesn't avoid the effects of loss and grief. For all the clever dialogue and cute jokes, the characters ring true. A couple coincidences seem a bit farfetched, but they are trifles and the snappy pacing more than makes up for them. Most importantly, verisimilitude shines through with strong, agreeable characters facing realistic dilemmas. A rewarding read!