Leslie Cameron


I live near Mouse Valley in southern Scotland with two rescued dogs and a bag of golf clubs. I have written all my life – and I freely admit that essay-writing was only subject that earned good marks at school.
Before turning to fiction, I was a technical author – and produced many volumes of user material for some of Britain’s larger and more influential companies.
I have two daughters and enjoy the company of my five grandchildren, aged ten to twenty. I am a sports fanatic; follow cricket and football – and play mid-handicap golf as often as the weather will allow.
On wet days (and there are plenty!, I write to earn the fare for our next foreign adventure. Last year, I married my long-term Thai girl-friend and she has promised to take me to the islands and highlands of her beautiful country.
'Daughter of the Snake' and 'Thailand Honey' are based some of my experiences in Bangkok. 'A Click Away from Chaos' comes from an earlier life. I keep in touch with my many friends around the world by e-mail. 'Midnight Picasso' is set on Gran Canaria and explores the delights of that amazing island.

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