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  • The Rock and Roll Times - Music Industry Bible on Sep. 04, 2011

    Well, I've been asked for review, but to be honest I'm still in the process of reading Will's book. It's so meticulously written, yet at the same time interesting, that I talked to myself, there is no rush. Step by step, carefully, with attention to what will observed in music business, and he did a lot! I think before parent will buy your talented offspring guitar, drum kit, keyboards, fiddle or any other instrument, ma or dad should first provide fruit of their inconditional (hopefully) and passionate (also, hopefully) love with pro and contra arguments, which Mr. Beatie carefully collected in span of years, I suppose. Your beloved baby perhaps will be more carefull with choosing career path, or better, it will be able not to let get screwed up / ripped off by so-called businessmen, record company guys, "brilliant" managers. OK, right now I won't waste my time on writing since I should read the Bible thoroughly, right? :) Congrats Will. I have not the slightest doubt, that as soon as I get to the back cover, I will be willing to say again, what I'd written above.