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Growing up in Hollywood, it's no surprise I love watching classic black-and-white movies, especially film noir with snappy dialog. I spend hours writing without realizing half the day is gone and I haven't made the bed! Potato chips and herb tea sustain me through writing binges. Our two Golden Retrievers, Hannah and Bodhi, are my faithful assistants.

I get ideas for my books from life and what is most meaningful to me. Many personal experiences were included in "GOOD FORTUNE" and all the dogs mentioned in "VANILLA GRASS" are our Golden Retrievers--past and present. I've recently begun a third novel from a short story I wrote some years ago. Stay tuned!

In 2005 my husband and I relocated from southern California to the Puget Sound in WA state. We live in the country surrounded by tall evergreens, coves and small islands. The fictitious location of Ships Cove, WA where "VANILLA GRASS" takes place is loosely based on where we live.

I’m a member of Friends of the Library, Lakebay Writers, and a volunteer for Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue.

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Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in Hollywood, CA where my father was a successful screenwriter and novelist with many friends in the film industry. Writers, producers, directors and actors came to our house for large dinner parties. The books my father is best known for dealt with social issues such as juvenile delinquents, gangsters, and boxers.

My debut novel, "Good Fortune," is vastly different from what my father wrote about. It's one man's personal journey from failure to success with the secret guidance of an old Chinese man who writes him fortunes. But my current novel-in-progress features troubled teenagers who talk slang, smoke pot, lie and steal. It's a current look at teen violence and sex. Maybe I'm influenced by my late father's writing after all.
When did you first start writing?
For most of my life I've written short stories and for some reason, I've always been a good editor. While in college, I edited papers and essays for fellow students and I helped them improve their grades. In the last ten years I've professionally edited plays, novels, children's books and scripts.

I became serious about writing a novel when I got the inspiration for the story of "Good Fortune." Before I actually started to write it, I knew the plot from beginning to end. With my second novel, I'm writing it chapter by chapter so it's a totally different experience.

Like most authors, my dream is to write a book that becomes a best-seller and is made into a movie. While writing "Good Fortune" I saw it as a film and I've had people who read it tell me they had the same experience where they actually "saw" it. I still think it would make a good movie. All I need is the right person to read it who has the right connections. I know...I sound like every other aspiring author!
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