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Smashwords book reviews by LewaLew

  • Drawn to Disaster on Oct. 15, 2012

    Drawn to Disaster is an interesting venture into a fantasy world where the supervillain decides he needs a girlfriend. Zarena's life as the historian for a little Z-shaped island with exotic inhabitants representing the four elements spins into an unsolicited trip with Morgoz, the "Dark Destroyer" to his lair. She tries bargaining with the all-powerful entity for her freedom, but Morgoz seems to be only interested in winning her heart through his rather unconventional methods. Eventually, Zarena's time at the Big Bad's lair gets her in deep with the elders back home on Za, and also lands her home island in hot water with one of Morgoz's associates. The more she tries to find some way to make her life normal again, the more it gets wrested from her control. And surprisingly enough, Morgoz knows exactly who is pulling the strings behind this entire story. While this is the first book Lily Gee has published, some of us have already read some of her previous stories on the BIONICLE fansite, BZPower.com, and they follow the same path Drawn to Disaster does. Anyone who has read her Makuta stories there will find many of their memorable moments recycled into this world, and it proves no less entertaining for it. The book has many laughs and the reader will sympathize with Zarena and her captor as the story progresses, but the reader won't be able to help wondering what on Za his true motives and goals are. My favorite moment in the book comes when Morgoz reveals the secret of what makes their world go round, and will make the reader rethink over how the characters feel about the new revelation. I enjoyed the book very much, as I did all of Lily Gee's previous work. I did find the portions rehashed from her BIONICLE fanfics to be rather repetitive, but to someone who has never read her work before, the entire story should feel very fresh, fun, and fascinating. This book is very much worth the price, and I would highly recommend it.