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Lex Allen is the author of the Imagine Trilogy, which includes the speculative science fiction thrillers No Heaven, No Hell and No Religion.

A Texas expatriate, Lex settled in Germany after long stints with the U.S. Army and civil service with the U.S. Department of Defense. He began his third career - full time author - in 2012 and has published two novels and a short story anthology under the pseudonym, Alex Eldrich.

A semi-professional musician from the early 1980's through the present, Lex wrote, recorded and published fourteen songs with MCP Records in Austria, that led to accolades from the European Country Music Association as "Best Band and Best Album" in 1997. He currently performs with an acoustic trio at clubs and private parties in Germany. His all-time, favorite musician? John Lennon.

Raised in a Southern Baptist home, Lex quickly became disenfranchised with organized religion. He studied Buddhism and learned the concepts of spiritualism. Over the past several years, he has developed a solid, layman's understanding of quantum physics theories, particularly the string, entanglement and multiverse theories.

Combining religion and spirituality with science hypothesis and conjecture (as well as a large dose of artistic license), Lex formed the foundation for the Imagine Trilogy... and works that are planned beyond the trilogy.

More than ten years of reading and research into these subjects, and the history of monotheistic religions and mythology, provided the foundation for many of the concepts found in the Imagine Trilogy.

Lex is currently working on his third novel, No Religion.

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Smashwords book reviews by Lex Allen

  • Pawn of Innocence on Nov. 18, 2013

    I imagine that the competition in the arena of romance novels is pretty stiff, so much so that a debut author could have a tough time cracking the code to get his or her share of the readership. A smart new writer would do what Chameleon has done and added a mixture of non-romance-generic subplots guaranteed to draw the interest of those readers hungry for something new, but non-paranormal, in the romance genre. Here it is… action and adventure in abundance, provide a thriller format to the standard theme of boy gets girl, or in this case – determined woman gets her man. This is the story of a bold, young rich woman who is tired of being constantly hounded by bodyguards that her doting father insists upon, but has never told her why. Unaware of the risks, Camille often “sneaks” away from her guards to take short vacations at far-flung locations around the world. During one of these, she meets the man of her dreams who promptly saves her from being kidnapped. The danger, the tension, the father’s determination to keep secrets all combine with the strong desires of Camille and the reluctant lover’s desire to keep “hands off”, to create an action packed thriller. At times, the action and suspenseful situations push the romantic themes off stage, but not for long. As soon as the urgency of the numerous fight and escape scenes subsides… the romance is back full force along with the mystery surrounding the attacks, and her would be lovers’ reticence to give in to Camille’s desires. An ending that is not unexpected, yet different due to the sub-plots, lend this book a foot up on other romance tales. I highly recommend this for romance fans, and for those who enjoy a bit of excitement outside the bedrooms, as well.
  • The Woodman book 1 (The Roads of Hell) on Feb. 17, 2014

    Author G.H. Bright has written an excellent post-apocalyptic novel that resonates with verisimilitude and true to life characters. Set in a fictitious version of the United Kingdom, the story begins after a global outbreak of a mutated Ebola virus that killed a very large majority of the world’s populations. Duke Woods, aka The Woodman, is among the few survivors. A loner, who had lived most his life in the woods with his father, Duke is an unforgettable character that starts this story as a seventeen year old boy and almost immediately, circumstance and violent life or death situations make him a man. Duke is a gentle soul with strong personal beliefs and a stalwart defender of good against evil. The primary antagonist in this tale is the Black Pope, as vile and degenerate as any monster ever created. The long approach to the battle between Duke and the Black Pope—the struggle between black and white, good and evil is a study in the extreme poles of human characteristics and traits, weaknesses and faults. The storyline is populated with characters that are as every-day and as real as any you’ve met on the street, in your neighborhood or among your family members, and because of this the reader can easily empathize as they face hard and oftentimes almost unbelievable challenges to survive. The Woodman is a story of war, death and the struggle for power in a world gone crazy; but it’s also one of love, the goodness of humanity, survival and the urge to rebuild a new society. I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy post-apocalyptic stories, as well as adventure, action and thrilling suspense.