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William Markly O'Neal is the author of numerous horror stories, science fiction, dark comedies, and speculative poetry, including yarns that were published in Weird Tales, Cover of Darkness, and the anthology: Salacious Tales.

To date, William Markly O'Neal's published works include....

'Bob Bodey's Body Parts', a short horror story that originally appeared in 'Weird Tales' Magazine, issue #346, in November of 2007. 'Bob Bodey's Body Parts' was published a second time in 'Weird Tales, the 21st Century: Volume One', a trade paperback from Weird Tales.

His dark comedic novelette was published in issue #15 of 'Written Word Online Magazine'. It is called 'The Rejection Letter that Destroys the World'.

'Sensory Desolation' is a horror novelette of Mr. O'Neal's that appeared in 'Cover of Darkness', from Sam's Dot Publishing, in May of 2011.

His poem about loving a mad woman-- 'Delusions on the Rocks'-- was published in the January 2012 issue of 'Cover of Darkness'.

In the December issue of 'Cover of Darkness', Mr. O'Neal had a horror story featured entitled 'The Black and Blue Wasteland.'

Mr. O'Neal had a poem entitled 'Techno-Dream' included in the Indiana Science Fiction anthology 2012. The proceeds from that anthology go to the Indianapolis chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

William Markly O'Neal has a 'One Minute Weird' available for your viewing pleasure-- a YouTube Video produced through the official Weird Tales website. It is called 'I Was A Teenage Beehive'.

The anthology entitled 'Salacious Tales' contains science fiction, horror, and fantasy stories of an erotic nature. Mr. O'Neal has two stories featured in that anthology: 'Blood of Bacchus' and 'Flattery Will Get You Nowhere.'

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