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  • Jack Dawkins on April 12, 2013

    This book was given to me to provide an unbiased review on Goodreads.com by the author. Upon first reading that the character "the artful dodger" had been borrowed for the premise of this story, I thought, "what audacity", "what ambition"!. But. as soon as I began to read a few passages, I was impressed with the detail, the character development, and the authors' ability to to build upon the story of Oliver and Jack's relationship as grown men. In a brilliant portrayal of Jack's return to the "scene of the crime" years later as a story of the underbelly of pickpockets and thieves intertwine with the upper crust of society, I was reeled into the web of adventure and unable to stop reading until I had exhausted the very last word of this 132 page story. I applaud "Charlton Daines" for this work of art. I would boldly classify this Victorian, historical masterpiece in the same class as "Great Expectations", "Huck Finn" and of course "Oliver Twist". I believe Charles Dickens would be pleased to see his work embellished and expounded upon by this author. I look forward to the next literary undertaking by "Charles Daines". I rate this book a five-star plus...BRAVO...