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  • Eternal on July 05, 2018

    So it's a love stories, and the heroes die... No, I did not spoil the book to you, this actually happens on page 2. And then, the story begins. What happens to two kindred souls, desperately in love for one another, when they land in different places of the afterlife? Want to know? Read this book. It's a Romeo & Juliet set in an universe that is completely new. It's not heroic fantasy, it's not sci-fi, it's not anything you've read before. It's a bit of everything, and it takes the best of many writing genres. I discovered this author when doing something I never do: read fan-fictions about another universe. I stumbled on a fan fiction called "Better Then", and it literally floored me, as it was much better than other books I have read So I ended up here, and purchased the book. I had high hopes, since "Better Then" was an amazing story, set in a universe that was not defined by Israel Barbuzano. So I was expecting even better for a story that is set in a universe that HE defined. And the verdict is: the book delivers. It's a very good 10 hours of reading. Cherry on the cake, there are a few plot twists, and you don't see them coming from a mile away.