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Smashwords book reviews by Lilaine DuSud

  • When Women Were Warriors Book II: A Journey of the Heart on Oct. 10, 2011

    Wonderfully Well Written and Woven Trilogy A captivating(you may not be able to stop reading from Book I until end of book III) tale of an initiation journey to adulthood, where a young, goodhearted, strong-minded while somewhat innocent woman, through a warrior apprenticeship (slightly unlike others), human relationships(from hateful to loving), her own heart discovery and a sometimes very arduous and hurtful path, gradually matures and becomes a faithful and well loved friend, an absolute partner, a charismatic leader and a great Warrior- a Peace Warrior.
  • The Old Woman and Other Lesbian Stories on Nov. 16, 2011

    A really entertaining and well written compilation. With the always out of the ordinary(understatement, if there is one) characters and situations I'm getting used to expect from this imaginative author.
  • Miss Lucy Parker and Other Short Stories on Nov. 26, 2011

    Still in the vast realm of the Author's usual creative and quirky imagination, this well written compilation - most of the stories, actually - is probably not to be read by very sensible souls or persons who might be disturbed by any of the words/concepts listed in the tags list. By the way, some tags are missing, like suicide, infanticide, child abduction, that could be effective warnings. In any way, this collection of remarkably original short stories can't let you indifferent. I first gave 3 stars (which IMO is not a bad review) due to the lack of notice. After re-reading it, I'm reconsidering this evaluation up to 4 stars, if only to be true to myself, and my own appreciation of this book, which is after all the main reason for this review to exist, the other reason being to advise sensible readers of potential ill effects.
  • Hired Help on June 19, 2012

    This is some steaming hot little piece of Erotica, observing for the most part the three Classical Unities of Time, Place and ... Action, although the author didn't bother with the rule of bienseance. ;) But she told me this piece wasn't meant for the stage anyway. :) And after I recommended this most enjoyable read on some site, a fellow reader pointed out that 'steaming' was an understatement. Yes, indeed, it was. :D
  • Wetter on June 22, 2012

    And this is yet another hot short. As usual with this Author, the form is as flowing and pleasant as the substance... ;)
  • Falling Colours on June 27, 2012

    ... And a Rising Artist Have you ever dreamed you had the skill to transform dreams and wishes into reality by the sheer power of your hyper-sensitive imagination an the magic talent in your hands? … I'm not talking about that kind of dream, you little minx! ;) Falling Colours is the story of such a talented woman. Living in a small cottage in the splendid nature of Connemara, Kiran has given up a successful career as an engineer to practise her Art. Her own splendid nature, made of generosity and compassion, leads her to break one of the long-established rules of this ancient art and risk losing the cherished gift inherited from her father, the soon to be Leader of the Council of Vision painters, back there in India where they originate from. She shouldn't have painted this despaired, grief-stricken man's deceased wife just because he wanted to know why she died in such unexpected circumstances. Hopefully, she'll be able to meet the short deadline her father gave her to fix the mess she involuntary created, and doing so will make her own dreams a reality. Who knew such an idyllic scenery as western Ireland could hold this most unusual, captivating and entertaining mystery? Oh, and I must not forget to mention the sweet romance tone and the irresistible touches of humour artfully painted on this beautiful work.
  • The Honeymoon on July 16, 2012

    An adventurous couple's fantasy come true, and then some. True to the classics of the genre and to the author's style and choice of exotic settings, this unusual honeymoon, celebrating a seven years long relationship, will certainly rejoice those who don't mind—or dream of—inviting a guest to their table and add some spicy icing on the cake. At some point, I even had the feeling they were more than the three of them. ^^
  • Heart Stopper on Oct. 01, 2012

    A well paced mystery and a love story, set in the gorgeous landscapes and current economic realities of Ireland (Connemara). The Medical field of research/industry and clinical operations on heart-stimulating devices (aka pacemakers), very skilfully and just as clearly described, serves as background-and foundations-for this most original and captivating adventure, where the reader's heart is put to severe test, following the heroines (Priya the scientist, Reyna the executive and her mother Catherine, the healer) on their path to discovering the actual cause of their respective boss, brother, and son, Daniel's death, and the true reasons for which it occurred. This won't be done without a few heart-stopping twists and more-or-less innocent casualties. ... even had to check my own heartbeat at the end, as the denouement unfold! :o I'm getting to love Ireland more and more with each of this author's books.