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Lilith Darville has been writing romance for as long as she can remember - she still has a copy of a love poem she wrote in her early teens to her first crush. When she grew up and had to make a living, she wrote articles for industry magazines, workbooks, manuals, textbooks, instructional materials and feature magazine articles. She even did a 2-year stint as a restaurant reviewer for a women’s magazine. In her spare time, she dabbled with erotic romance stories and a coming of age novel. In February of 2011, she started writing "Scorpio Awakens" and she's furiously writing the second book in the Scorpio Saga, "Scorpio Begins."

Lilith’s been married for more than 20 years to her beloved Neil, who still makes her blush and flush as if it were the first time. Now that's romance! They spend every spare moment that she’s not writing reading, discussing and researching what makes a long-term relationship passionate and romantic. Many of the greatest and enduring romances had unorthodox beginnings, and Lilith wants to tell those stories.

What else is Lilith passionate about besides Neil and their daughter? They are her number one priority and her biggest fans, but she does find time to read, golf, sing and chat with her readers on social media. Most of all, Lilith hopes that romance is with you all!

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