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I wrote my first novel when forced out of the workforce by a depressed economy. Tired of giving my loyalty to others and being dependant on them for an income, I decided to take life in my own hands and make a living doing something I truly enjoyed. Through the years I had always been good at writing and telling stories, so the transition came easy. The one big flaw in this endeavor is that I write what inspires me at the time, like the books I enjoy reading I write in different genres; murder mysteries, thrillers, dramas, and love stories. I get my ideas from various sources. I once had a dream and that turned out to be the last scene for Omega Factor. It took me a year and a half to come up with a storyline that fit that ending, but I feel it really turned out well. My husband loves the Rustic Roads in Wisconsin. I bought him a magnet for our fridge that shows a man riding a donkey on a mountain ledge that seems to be getting narrower with the saying “There’s a reason some roads are less traveled.” That and a friend giving me an assignment before a weeks vacation with my kids, “Write a story about a woman who goes on vacation and meets a man.” That inspired Rustic Roads about a serial killer. Wednesday’s Child was inspired by my son who we adopted. He was abandoned on the streets of a city in California by his mother and her boyfriend at the young age of eight. All About Love, a romantic comedy, is a modern day adaptation of my favorite Shakespearian play, Taming of the Shrew. Everyone of my stories has been inspired by something that happened to me or an idea that morphed into a storyline.

I live a quiet sedate live in central Wisconsin but I do live a full life filled with adventure, love and lust through my writing. All through my work career I was an avid researcher, so now all my research goes into writing my stories. If I wanted to see what a street in Washington DC or Los Angels looks like all I have to do is pull up Google Earth and I then can take a virtual walk up that street and never leave my faithful recliner. I don’t travel much outside of the state but through my writing I visit all sorts of places and enjoy different parts of the country in cover of the midnight moon in the sanctity of my little office.

Though I will forever be a cheesehead from Wisconsin, with my husband, son and daughter, the love of travel will forever be through my writing. If I’m not working on my latest thriller or love story, you will find me saturating myself with the cable news channels while I write. I enjoy reading, swimming all year round, going on long hikes on Wisconsin trails and indulging in the unhealthy addition of Cheetos in front of my computer while I write long hours into the night.

P.S. I also write under the name of J.J. Franck

I do appreciate comments on how you enjoyed my stories.

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
They are important to me and they are the reason I write my stories. I want to take you on a journey into a different world and hopefully entertain you in the process.
What are you working on next?
I'm working on a political thriller. I enjoy writing different types of stories and hope the people who enjoy my writing style feels the same way. When I pick stories to read, they are a cross-section of genres. I find variety is more enjoyable than sticking with the same type stories.
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