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A.C. Katt
Latest book: The Betas: Rene. Published July 21, 2017.
A.J. Marcus
Latest book: Chasing the Waves. Published March 23, 2018.
A.R. Barley
Latest book: The Badge and the Bunny. Published February 14, 2018.
Amy Lane
Latest book: Selfie. Published April 18, 2016.
Angel Martinez
Latest book: Serge & Een. Published January 5, 2017.
Angelique Voisen
Latest book: Ideal Mate. Published March 12, 2019.
April Kelley
Latest book: Soldier Perfect. Published November 24, 2017.
Avril Ashton
Latest book: Dasher. Published December 10, 2015.
Blair Nightingale
Latest book: Lycan Limbo. Published December 29, 2017.
Caitlin Ricci
Latest book: Bolivar. Published July 31, 2018.
Cari Z
Latest book: Perilous. Published March 4, 2017.
Catherine Lievens
Latest book: Elemental Union. Pre-release—available July 26, 2019.
Charlie Richards
Latest book: A Vampire for His Own. Pre-release—available July 26, 2019.
Devon Rhodes
Latest book: Caleb & Shaun. Published January 19, 2017.
Diana DeRicci
Latest book: Rhody & Brendan. Published January 4, 2017.
Erin E. Keller
Latest book: Never Give Up on Love Box Set. Published March 16, 2019.
Erin M. Leaf
Latest book: How Long Is Forever?. Published July 4, 2019.
Garrett Leigh
Latest book: Junkyard Heart. Published December 4, 2017.
Kaje Harper
Latest book: Nelson & Caleb. Published January 3, 2017. (5.00 from 1 review)
Kate Sherwood
Latest book: Mark of Cain. Published July 21, 2019.
Keegan Kennedy
Latest book: Boy Friday. Published June 26, 2019.
Kian Rhodes
Latest book: His Dirty Little Secret. Published November 15, 2016.
Laura Baumbach
Latest book: Mexican Heat. Published February 3, 2018.
Lilith Duvalier
Latest book: Spread and Howl. Published April 13, 2015.
Liza Kay
Latest book: Breaking Point. Published January 25, 2019.
LL Brooks
Latest book: Absolute Trust. Published November 15, 2018.
Lynn Lorenz
Latest book: Coliseum Square. Published May 4, 2017.
Lynn Michaels
Latest book: Sometimes Ghosts Betray. Published June 30, 2019.
M Tasia
Latest book: Finn. Published May 21, 2019.
Megan Slayer
Latest book: Running to You. Published April 5, 2019.
Meraki P. Lyhne
Latest book: Mercs and Strippers. Published June 16, 2019.
Morgan Wood
Latest book: Omega Exiled: MM Gay MPREG Shifter Romance. Published November 30, 2017.
Nicole Dennis
Latest book: Cruising Adventure. Published August 18, 2018.
Rebecca Brochu
Latest book: Partners in Love. Published March 6, 2018.
S. C. Wynne
Latest book: Starting New. Published August 8, 2016.
S.J. Frost
Latest book: Demon Prince. Published March 31, 2017.
Sadie Sins
Latest book: I'll Tell : A Blackmailing Stepbrother Romance. Published January 24, 2016. (4.75 from 4 reviews)
Shane Keleher
Latest book: The Awakening. Published September 17, 2016.
Shannon West
Latest book: Red Zone. Published March 15, 2019.
Stephani Hecht
Latest book: Rexly the Randy Reindeer. Published December 27, 2018.
Stephani Hecht
Latest book: Flint's Fury. Published November 15, 2015.
Sugar Jones
Latest book: Daniel. Published April 12, 2018.