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Publishing has played an important part in the life of the Limerick Writers' Centre with a number of major projects completed such as Kemmy’s Limerick Miscellany and Luaithreach Angela – a translation of Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes into Irish. The centre also published an anthology on Limerick poet Michael Hartnett , titled I Live in Michael Hartnett, and a recent book The Curious Story of the Limerick by Dr Matthew Potter tells of the connection between Limerick and the five line Limerick verse. We also played an active in Limerick City of Culture and held a series of workshops for senior citizens the end product was an anthology of love stories called The Heart of Limerick, which was edited by Fiona Clark Echlin, Caroline Graham and Sheila Quealley.

Our long running Revival Literary Journal alas is no more due to financial considerations it ceased publishing in December 2013 after 28 issues.

The centre, through it’s imprint Revival Press, is also very active in publishing contemporary poetry, with over 40 titles published so far. The centre is also always available to give advice to anyone who wants to self-publish.

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To Weave With Words
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 35,760. Language: English. Published: June 29, 2018 by Limerick Writers Centre. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories - single author
In this eclectic compilation of short stories, Pat draws on his own life experiences, on anecdotal narratives and on events both past and contemporary. Some of the stories are based on actual historical events – ranging from the national to the international. Other stories are the fruits of childhood memories that made a significant impact on Pat’s philosophical worldview. -Dr. Paddy Fullam, 2018
From Doll House Windows
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 8,540. Language: English. Published: May 8, 2018 by Limerick Writers Centre. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Contemporary Poetry
Lorraine Carey's poetry displays both the durability and the brittleness of Donegal’s granite and flint clad landscape. As you explore this extraordinary collection, you will not come away unscathed. Great boulders of verbs and craggy nouns will stop you in your tracks: poems will sidetrack you through fissures and areas of pitting and darkness that will often prove uncomfortable but mesmerizing.
The Chaos Within
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 4,270. Language: English. Published: May 3, 2018 by Limerick Writers Centre. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Contemporary Poetry
IT’S ALL about chaos – the chaos within each of us and the chaos that lurks out there. But these poems, drenched in sensuality, honesty and hope, put a measure of order on that chaos, and separate the light from the darkness of the void. A suckling babe, the smell of church candles, a sleeping child, the unheard scream inside the head, the joys and the angst of parenthood – David Rice, author.
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 61,180. Language: English. Published: April 23, 2018 by Limerick Writers Centre. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary
Redshank is a contemporary story of a poet’s struggle with the isolation of his craft, while, at the same time, having to deal with some complicated familial issues. It is a humorous novel, interspersed with poetry and enriched with zany minor characters. But it is the main character, Cathal Ó hÚrdaill, young poet and teacher, who exudes the craziest humour of all. It is his method of coping.
Gabriel's Lark
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 82,700. Language: English. Published: April 16, 2018 by Limerick Writers Centre. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » General
A dramatic and humorous novel about travel, independence, and the struggle to find employment. Its narrative weaves its way from Ireland and across continental Europe where adventures and hijinks lay waiting for Gabriel Costello, a young father and husband with an itch for adventure and a responsibility to his family. His decent into chaos amid a snapshot of Europe will have you gripped.
Cold Coffee At Emo Court
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 6,370. Language: English. Published: April 13, 2018 by Limerick Writers Centre. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Contemporary Poetry
Arthur Broomfield’s sense of history excavates the fustier corners of things wemight almost forget, but which he refuses to ignore. These observant poems sparkle with a unique response to experience as he writes of love and marriage, the ‘poetry’ of a sporting fixture to the ears of a young boy, or the menace of the IRA at odds with the joy of the 1990 FIFA World Cup.
My Home Is There 3
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 37,680. Language: English. Published: April 6, 2018 by Limerick Writers Centre. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories - single author
For anyone interested in getting a sense of Limerick’s past history, Mae Leonard’s writing provides that vital link between history, memoir and musing. Volume 3 of My Home is There is a welcome addition to our knowledge about Limerick’s heritage. - Professor Bernadette Whelan, Department of History, University of Limerick, Limerick.
Traces: The Way and Path of My Life
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 80,620. Language: English. Published: April 5, 2018 by Limerick Writers Centre. Categories: Nonfiction » Biography » Autobiographies & Memoirs
Traces gives a vivid account of Seosamh's life in this autobiography. He documents the hardships both he and his family endured during his formative years from the time he was growing up on a small farm in the parish of Lisdowney in County Kilkenny. Ireland was recovering from both the Economic War and World War II when there was strict rationing enforced.
The Curious Story of the Limerick
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 23,760. Language: English. Published: March 30, 2018 by Limerick Writers Centre. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Contemporary Poetry
This book creates an awareness of the connection between the place and the poem so that Limerick can establish itself internationally as one of the few places that gave its name to a literary form. It packs in a wealth of detail on the origins and history of the limerick, the Maigue Poets, and the various theories as to how it got its name, while also including numerous samples by various authors.
Madrid and Other Poems
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 15,060. Language: English. Published: March 23, 2018 by Limerick Writers Centre. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Contemporary Poetry
Madrid and Other Poems has a threefold annunciation - Praise, Tort, and Vista. The sections reflect these words: Praise is filled with gratitude and thanks to people who are gone while it mourns those who have been loved and lost. Tort speaks out against issues of the modern day, and the outrage and chaos that is within and outside of the poet. In Vista he reflects on life’s experiences.
Homesick At Home
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 11,220. Language: English. Published: February 23, 2018 by Limerick Writers Centre. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Contemporary Poetry
Kate O’Shea is probably the best-known unknown poet in Dublin. She has published a chapbook, Crackpoet (Wurm Press, 2013). She was short-listed for the Patrick Kavanagh Award twice in two consecutive years, and also made the short-list for the Cork Literary Review Manuscript Competition, and Erbacce-Press in 2017. Her latest publications were in The Saranac Review, Orbis, and The Stinginng Fly.
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 11,840. Language: English. Published: February 8, 2018 by Limerick Writers Centre. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Contemporary Poetry
The poems of Denise Blake are poems to sit with, to live with, and return to over time, for they reveal themselves more deeply with each visit. In the gentle cadence of Donegal Island voices or in the realtor-speak" description of a childhood Cleveland home, layers of memory are exposed. They spring from a wide, deep and very rich field, and are laid out with a subtle touch.
Behind The Wall of Illusion: The Religious, Occult and Esoteric World of the Beatles
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 90,090. Language: English. Published: January 30, 2018 by Limerick Writers Centre. Categories: Nonfiction » Music » Rock music
Here are a few things you will discover from this text: How the Beatles expressed a modern take on the ancient Greek god Dionysus, How the title Yellow Submarine brings together male and female symbolism, That John Lennon’s first experience with LSD influenced the song ‘Help!’, Why the Beatles’ hair cultivated spiritual connotations, How the film Magical Mystery Tour foreshadowed John's murder.
The Fish Woman And Other Stories
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 27,450. Language: English. Published: January 11, 2018 by Limerick Writers Centre. Categories: Fiction » Literary collections » European / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh
In The Fish Woman, Liz Price chronicles the loves of ordinary people, to present a picture of the extraordinary spirit and resilience needed to survive everyday challenges. One woman is disillusioned by her experience of community education, one struggles to accept her role as carer while another tries to share in her pregnant daughter-in-law's life.
Keeping My Ghosts Alive
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 63,520. Language: English. Published: October 23, 2017 by Limerick Writers Centre. Categories: Nonfiction » Biography » Autobiographies & Memoirs
Keeping My Ghosts Alive is a heartwarming and multi-faceted chronicle of a woman who, up to her untimely death, lived life with exceptional energy and intensity. Having been misdiagnosed with cancer in 2007, she was given one year to live. This is her story written in her words, which were discovered after her death by her husband, who completed her memoir. An enduring monument to Laura Bond.

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