Linda Crandall

Smashwords book reviews by Linda Crandall

  • The Howler and Other Oddly Named Stories on Jan. 24, 2020

    Quick one-punch stories, like a chapter of a much more complex tale, yet carrying everything in just a few words. Howler - two boys, a rifle, a wolf Do not disturb - a man, a dog, a catastrophe 52 - the next heist, maybe
  • Dreams of Vengeance on Feb. 06, 2020

    Wow! So dark! The terror of being completely unable to interact with the surrounding environment, yet being completely aware. Aware of the horror that comes every night to take advantage of an inert but conscious body. So well written, it was hard to breathe while reading!
  • The Price of Paradise on June 02, 2020

    Particularly dark, more shudders than erotic shivers. A dystopian world, humans who may or may not be able to survive in a destroyed world, the atavic fear of not being the surviving species on this planet, after a catastrophe. The difference between symbiotic and parasitic is smudged into a gruesome level of ... discomfort. Definitely not to be read by someone seeking something light and carefree, clearly a dip into the darkest possibilities of nonconsent, personal choice, reasoning vs instinct. Excellent world construction, shades of science fiction, with very little outside of scientifically possible. The minor passage or two of criticizing modern industrialization and methods of use of nature's resources are only the background for the dystopian hypothesis that is explored in depth.
  • Rob Rogers Fights a Unicorn (Anki Legacies) on Aug. 01, 2020
    (no rating)
    Weird, in a fascinating way. A cross between adventure, paranormal and oniric, with a dash of humor and a splash of something unique.
  • Taken by the Outlaw on Feb. 11, 2021

    Insta-lust to sizzle the pages, with a small town environment, a refugee from home abuse, and an MC prez. Not particularly believable, but efficiently lusty as "smut fic."