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Smashwords book reviews by Linda Kuz

  • A Feral Darkness on Aug. 22, 2010

    A wonderful fantasy adventure about true love, sacrifice and bonding with dogs, as well as the nature of good and evil and its impact on how we live our lives. Brenna's dogs Druid and Sunny will definitely tug at your heart strings.
  • Fatal Storm on March 29, 2011

    5th book of a series with increasing character development. While the interaction between the two main characters continues to heat up, I was a little disappointed that the denouement was not more "action packed" as in the other volumes. However, that being said, am anxiously awaiting the next Chase and Sara installment.
  • The Dad Who Saved Christmas on Oct. 02, 2016

    Stranded by a snowstorm, Nick Clark finds himself back in Winding Creek--his hometown that he abandoned years ago. Labeled bad, living on the wrong end of town, with a drunk for a father and a mother who had abandoned him, there were not many pleasant memories in this town...with the possible exception of Faith Hewitt! So when he runs into her in the town's community center, with her foster child, Jakie, it brings back memories of what could have been. Spending time with her and Jakie starts to give him the illusion of family, something he gave up believing in. Then when it seems that Jakie might be adopted by another family and taken away from Faith, Nick does the unthinkable and asks her to marry him. Is this to be a real marriage or just a sham for the adoption agency? What Nick does not realize is that Faith also had strong feelings for him. This is an enjoyable romance story as two people struggle with their feelings for each other and try to overcome the obvious obstacles set in their way, all in the effort of making a family for Jakie. But what family actually means to each of them is yet to be uncovered, hopefully before it is too late. Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.