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I began writing at University but never really wanted to be 'an author'. I wanted to be a princess or a Kindergarten teacher if I absolutely had to have a job. During my teacher training, I studied literature where I caused a stir with my tutor after I decided to write my thesis on women's roles in society featuring the novels Jane Eyre, Tess of the Durbervilles and Pride and Prejudice. (These remain my all time favourite books)

My first novel, Heart of Glass, was penned in 2006. Feeling disillusioned with my teaching job, I began to write secretly and would joke that I was going to write a bestseller and 'get out of this place'. My colleagues had trouble keeping the stunned looks from their faces when I admitted that was what I'd actually been doing in my spare time. And that the book was to be published by a small Australian press. Since then I've become known for writing funny, forthright romantic fiction with a cast of crazy, comic characters. I gain most of my inspiration from dreams, listening to music and watching ridiculous amounts of TV. I also like coffee, bubbles and watching Rugby Union. Unfortunately, being prone to over-exaggeration and colourful language means my husband always sits at one end of the row and puts our friends between us. He's yet to see the funny side of my quips during games.

In 2012, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and seeing so many suffering, I decided to write an upbeat cancer love story. I used time spent in hospital to write Storm in a B Cup, which features the fictional character Sophie, whose medical experiences mirror my own journey. Sophie however, ends up with her hot plastic surgeon. I'm still very much married to my gorgeous husband of twenty-six years. Storm in a B Cup went on to reach #1 in Medical Fiction, #1 in Breast Cancer Fiction, #1 in Genre Fiction on Amazon US and #4 on iBooks AU.

I'm also known for my short, romantic novellas which have repeatedly topped the Amazon short stories charts in the US and UK. I'm currently working on expanding the Bastard Tales series and have plans for another series to begin in 2015.

This could change however. I'm like a magpie... I get distracted by bright shiny things.

Lindy xoxo

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