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I am an avid reader and love to write. I am currently writing some manuscripts that I am going to publish someday. My genres include Adult and YA paranormal, mainstream and thriller.

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Smashwords book reviews by Regina Linton

  • Vampyre Kisses (book 1 in the Last Witch Series) on Jan. 07, 2011

    When I first started reading Vampyre Kisses I wasn’t sure where it was going to go. I’ve read many vampire novels and they’ve lead me down the same road of mortal girl falls for immortal vampire and they live happily ever after. La, la, la. I would like to say that Vampyre Kisses has enlightened me by showing me that there are other ways of intertwining immortals and supernatural love and also finding ways of complicating things. Our main character Faith is best friends with her ex-boyfriend, Max. Untraditional, but this relationship works really well throughout this book. Faith meets many challenges in her life from work, love and family. Faith also transitions and develops a new sense of self. Faith encounters Trent, a tantalizing Irish vampire and forges a bond in more way than one. For those who crave the love triangle there is still hope when Faith meets Zou Tai, prince of werewolves. These three, along with Max are brought together on a quest to restore the stolen blood gems to rightful houses. I am not giving away too many spoilers in my review because I want everyone to read it. Elizabeth didn’t hold out, she put in the whole kit and caboodle, so go check out her book “Vampyre Kisses”
  • Hungry For You on July 01, 2011

    This is a diverse collection of chapters that left me feeling like I wanted more from them. The author could have expanded the chapters into a book on some of the stories and I would have been content with that. There were some really great concepts there. Some that I had not read before as well which was a fresh taste. I had won this book in a contest and thought I would give it some props. Not for the faint at heart. Very diverse ideas. More adult material. Graphic details that were vivid and stunning.
  • Werewolf Descent (book 2 in the Last Witch Series) on Aug. 08, 2011

    Well now I am on the edge of my seat again. We last left Faith with Trent recovering from a butt kicking journey of her discovering her heritage of becoming a witch, being stalked by slayers, her mother revealing more than Faith wanted to know and an uncertain fate. Now just when Faith and Trent think that they can start building their new relationship, a new man moves to town. Vincent -- a psychic vampire is obsessed with Faith and is likely to move in on Trent's territory. Faith's connection with Zou Tai is tested when they find that the werewolf pack is being hunted and the were's are being killed. She is willing to do what she can to protect him and help his family from being slaughtered. Faith soon realizes that her powers will be tested when she is up against a powerful alchemist. Friendships, bonds and futures are strained, bent and tested through this magnetically charged novel as Faith and her team go up against deadly forces, deceptive gods and love. Elizabeth surprises me again and has me wanting more as I am yet again salivating over her latest creation!