Leona Samson


I was born and raised in India. In 1980, at the age of 24, I moved to Israel and have lived there ever since. I work as an English editor and a Hebrew to English translator.

My novel, "Community of Ones," was born in the wake of an event that tore apart the very core of my being. In October of 2009, I lost one of my beloved children to suicide following his extended struggle with depression. I cannot begin to describe the effect this had on me. There was only one thing I was certain about - I would never be capable of feeling whole or happy again.

Different people react differently to grief. Outwardly, I showed all the signs of coping well. Only when alone did I allow myself to give expression to all the despair and hopelessness I felt. A year after my loss, deep inside, I was still entirely lost in grief. It was at that point that I felt prompted to start writing a story. Eventually my novel "Community of Ones" emerged.

It took me almost three years to complete "Community of Ones." I believe the story will resonate with anyone who has ever been confronted with loss or who has had to cope with grief and mourning. The book describes Lia's journey in search of answers in the wake of devastating loss. You will struggle with her to understand, you will join her in her despair, you will share her denial of the finality of death. Yet, you will emerge with the realization that more than a book about loss, this is a book about healing, more than about despair, this is a book about hope and more than a book about bereavement, it is a book about love.

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