Lisa Tobin


I've been a reader since I was 3. I'm now a lot older and have read thousands of books, fiction and non-fiction. The arrival of epublishing has given me and thousands of other the opportunity to download books for free, or a very low price compared with paper. I still love the feel and smell of books, but my Kindle has over three hundred books on it at the moment, so I can read several at the same time without filling my bag to the extent that I need a truck to carry it!

I love finding new authors and now I have access to Smashwords, I will be trying to find the best, and reviewing them without fear or favor.

I like psychological thrillers,supernatural, some SF, and even some literary works. My favorite authors are Chekhov, Dickens, Stephen King, HP Lovecraft, Dan Brown(writing not too good but great plotting!), Paul Coelho, Ian Banks, Ray Bradbury and so many others.


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Smashwords book reviews by Lisa Tobin

  • The 500 on Dec. 29, 2011

    A great short story! Well written and with a creepy ending that had me shivering. It reminded me of one of Stephen King's short stories. It deals with a very modern dilemma and without giving anything away it treads the line between both camps with this subject matter, and seems very honest. I will definitely read more of this author. Recommended.
  • Issue 49 on Dec. 29, 2011

    What to say about Issue 49? I could heap superlatives on it, say how much it reminded me of H.P. Lovecraft - one of my favorite authors - or even compare it to Stephen King, but it is one of those quirky, horrifying but very funny stories that stays in the mind long after the Kindle or Kobo has been put down. It is also sad and leaves the reader with mixed feelings about the hero. Like this writer's other short stories I have read it leaves the reader wanting more. I will be watching out for other titles. Recommended.