Lisa Nelson


Lisa Nelson grew up on the east coast of Florida and survived bone cancer from an early age. That experience drew her into medicine and she became educated as a clinical microbiologist and then as a board certified Physician Assistant. Later in life she worked as an elder-care giver and assisted in wound care of diabetics and cancer patients. All these life experiences molded her outlook in a positive way and gave her a purpose of encouraging and uplifting others. Since art has been a very large part of her life, she decided she could share her positive energy with a larger population through her love of writing, photography and jewelry design.

It is Lisa’s belief that creative expression is important in maintaining balance and fostering happiness. She has been involved in artistic ventures throughout her life and she also has a rich family history of members who were and are artists and artisans. Most notably was a 20th century color pen & ink artist by the name of Fred Lexow who became quite famous for his nature paintings, hand carved duck decoys, and hand-painted fishing lures.

“It is my hope that my work touches people in a positive uplifting way which leaves them feeling good.” ~Lisa Nelson

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