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HI EVERYONE! I stopped publishing here for the last year because of a death in my family. For the longest time I really couldn't give this site the attention, care and love it deserves. But time moves on, and we all adjust to tragedy as best we can - I have and I have returned to offer you the best that I have, you deserve no less. I hope that you'll forgive my absence and I hope that we can enjoy old tales and new lesbian adventures together!


Lisa Summers writes raw, hot and kinky lesbian erotic stories for all women who have ever had the thought of making love to another woman, and for the men who wish their woman would become bi or lesbian. The next best thing to finding her in bed with another woman, is reading Lisa Summers!

I've written around 300 erotic short stories for myself and for a number of pay internet sites. Now I'm on ebooks, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

The question is, are my books hot, sexy lesbian erotica filled with engaging, interesting plots and characters, or are they engaging, interesting plots and characters filled with hot, sexy lesbian erotica? The answer lies within...and PLEASE take a minute to review my book if you like it.

Want to write me? You can get me at Please mention the ebook site where you saw my profile when you do, won't you?

Love, Lisa

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  • Alien Alliance; Stolen on Nov. 28, 2016

    Necessary reading for any other authors on this site. Nicely put together, I hope the writer finds some justice.