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  • Hush Money (Talent Chronicles) on Sep. 12, 2010

    It's hard enough being a normal teen in Highschool, but when you have a "Talent" that you need to hide it's even tougher. About a group of teens with "Talents"- special abilities that most would refer to as superpowers. Only having a Talent in this town really isn't so super. Kids are hauled off by an agency called NIAC (National Institute for Ability Control) to be taken to a State School. None of the kids taken are ever seen or heard from again. Rumor has it the taken Talents are being abused. Enter the world of Jocelyn (Joss for short). Trying to stay under the radar and keep to herself. Sometimes, however, life doesn't always work out as you plan, and through a series of unfortunate events she finds herself being offered silence in exchange for some Hush Money.