Liyah B.


A few questions people have asked me, and before you can or think to, I'll answer them. (Let's pretend this is a real interview, just to make it fun) ^__*
Q] How old are you?
A] Sixteen

Q]How long have you been writing novels?
A]I wrote my first novel when I was nine. It was long and horribly grammatically incorrect. But from that, I grew into something far better.

Q]What are some things that you are interested in?
A]Well, I'm interested in art, in media production, in the varieties of ways a person can travel. I'm especially interested in the graceful way Japanese people go about speaking to others.

Q]Explain your position on writing.
A]Is that a question?
Q]Could you explain your position on writing?
A] Why, yes. I believe that writing is one of the biggest extensions of a person. Of me, in particular. I feel that, for me, it takes the thinking process to a whole other level. It brings out the intricate carvings to a painting that one can only imagine and makes it viewable to the world. That's my position. And that's why I'm so big on it.

Q]How do you personally apply writing to your everyday life? Besides school.
A]Besides school? I write down my thoughts, my ideas, I write down to-do lists, I write down my sister's carbohydrates in what ever she eats so we know how much insulin to give her, I write down jokes so I can silently tease my family, I write down instructions I'm given and another is writing down numbers and names of potentially very important people. Even those who are not.

Q]What would a person say about you if I went up to them and asked them to say a few things?
A] I'm not really sure what just any one person would say. I'm sure there could be positives and negatives. Like a teacher might say that I don't take the time to make my studies more important to myself, or they could say that I'm really passionate when it comes to incorporating art into my work. I don't know. A peer most likely will say that I'm average looking, but not ordinary. If you see me in a room, I might appear like the next few people until I open my mouth or approach you. Once that happens, you'll understand how I can stand-out.
But enough about me, for now. I find the above is personal. If not, we can talk through other means. I'm not one to merely plaster info on a page when one can ask me specifically what they want to know. Thank you for coming to meet me and take care.

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Greenly Tainted Sleeves
Price: Free! Words: 720. Language: English. Published: November 28, 2010. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Poetry
A poem that goes into a teen looking at two other teens for who they really are. The message is that so many people wear facades that are virtually see through and don't realize it. It's a genuine take on oneself and one's view on another and how nature ultimately seeps through and throws in a handful of metaphors.

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