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I write mostly horror and humour and to date have had over sixty short stories published in the small press (Dark Tales, Twisted Tongue, La Fenetre, Whortleberry Press) and published one novel (Waking Lloegr).

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  • FreeFormed Hybrids on Feb. 12, 2014

    I am delighted to be the first to review this debut novel. Though science fiction isn't my preferred genre I will read anything which catches my eye, which is what the synopsis of this novel did. After reading the sample I took the plunge and was carried away on a huge wave of intelligence and imagination. The human race was created long ago by another strange ancient race in order to harvest the bodies for a form of perpetual reincarnation, or virtual immortality, while humans are encouraged to take drugs as a type of control. Some members of the original race have been incarnating into human bodies so long they no longer remember who they are - or were. And when they do remember which side will they choose, their original race or that of the bodies they've inhabited for so long? I was very impressed by the author's many characterizations and the flowing dialogue which never let the interest flag as the novel built inexorably to its climax. I look forward to reading more from this author.