Lonon Smith


I'm a former screenwriter who now lives in Sacramento, CA. “Wise Men” is my first novel. I was born in central California in a very small town devoted to agriculture and ranching and which was very far from a large city unless you count Bakersfield. I've made a few bucks driving tractors, shoving cattle around and shoveling out stalls.

I am not a cowboy. My fierce love of horses came later.

I was raised by my mother, a war widow, with the help of her father, sisters and about a gillion other relatives, real ones and what we call "shirttail relations." I went to college when the United States and California both thought educating their children was a good idea, so I have a couple of degrees having to do with English and its uses. For far too much of of my life, I wrote screenplays. I have two children, both grown. I've been devastated by the death of the person with whom I hoped to spend the rest of my life, and am now married to a decent woman who was willing to have my idiosyncratic self after the dust settled. And I have sometimes been an actor, almost always -- but not quite always, I say proudly -- for free.

The rest is opinion and speculation, although, as has been pointed out, a life unexamined isn't worth squat. It's life with anesthesia, tempting but wasteful. We see ourselves through too many filters -- ego, expectation, dreams, drugs, pain or time -- for self description to be anything more than an exercise in surrealism, a parallax view of the circus parade when the elephant might see the whole thing differently.

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