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  • Eland Dances on Oct. 10, 2011
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    This story begins slowly but quickly picks up momentum until it becomes impossible to put this down. I read it in one sitting. Pete Fitt -- a gentle, peace-loving, eighteen year old on the cusp of manhood -- leaves England, where he's been attending school, to return to his homeland of Africa, where he soon discovers that changes have begun to take place there. Inadvertently, he immediately becomes caught up in a small part of these changes, and from there, his involvement continues to grow. He's forced to reach deep within himself to solve some of these problems, and as a result, must change, grow, and eventually begin to adapt to his new reality while still remaining true to himself. The detail and description of vegetation, animals, habitat, and culture, as well as folklore, mythology, and detail and description of the Rhodesian Bush War are simply amazing. One can't help but feel that they're there, experiencing this along with Pete. And if, nothing else, this quite the education experience.