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Two wandering southerners --a sensitive and imaginative Texan bearing a keen resemblance to Vivien Leigh and a close-mouthed Mississippi sailor with a thing for long-legged beauties, snatched me from a blanket of kelp while my somewhat absent-minded and amphibious mother frolicked in the cool, funky waters of San Francisco Bay.Telling each other we were clearly meant for each other, the pair bundled the cooing, chuckling infant into their 1957 Pontiac and proceeded to enlisted Navy housing in San Diego, where a petting-zoo goat attempted to eat my stroller, and later, to Florida, where I attempted to eat a frog...

A peripatetic existence ensued, with so many relocations that I recognize regions by restaurants and the scent of the air rather than street names. Like my parents, I love to experience the language, food and aroma of new places, to visit and stay long enough to really know... Like the mermaid who bore me, I am buoyant, exuberantly drawn to the wet, salty and tidal, the gleam of nacre and the possibility of oaken treasure chests just below the tide line....

Writing was inevitable: an easily portable means of creating and transferring dreams and connecting with others while sailing a multitude of seas...

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Describe your desk
My desk is my sofa, or possibly my bed, with four pillows behind me. Sometimes, my desk is a comfy chair at one of the many coffeehouses in Charlottetown--I'm especially fond of Timothy's. Once in awhile, my desk is a plastic chair in the backyard, where I can keep an eye on the cats, so the resident fox doesn't get any bright ideas.

I had a proper desk for a year or two, but I never used it. I usually carry some kind of notepad and a pen, and everything else is done on the Ipad, or, when the Ipad and the software are incompatible, a laptop.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a Navy family, and we relocated alot. I was always the new kid in school, very shy. As far back as I can recall, I read. I read through classes and got into trouble for not reading the assignments in class, but choosing my own reading. I didn't just read kids' literature--in fact, in my memory, I skipped from Dr. Suess straight to gothic romances. Maybe there was something in between, but I don't remember it!

I read my mother's books, too, including her textbooks. I think all the reading I did taught me about grammar and dialog and storytelling without my even knowing I was learning to be a writer. What I did know was that the books I spent all my time with provided me with entertainment, information and comfort. They protected me from unwanted conversations, accompanied me to restaurants and foreign countries and opened my imagination.
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Banish Poverty from Your Life: Six Simple Steps Up
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