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Smashwords book reviews by Lori

  • Concerto on July 29, 2011

    Chrispen 'Chris' Marnett is a violinist that has recently moved to Ohio to join the Newton Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra so that she can work alongside the greatest violinist alive, Alexis Brooks, the symphony's concertmaster. What she gets - in the form of creepy phone calls, harassing written messages, unwanted flowers and frightening nightmares - is enough for Crispen to lose considerable sleep and to start looking over her shoulder constantly. When everyone, including the police, seems to be warning Crispen to stay away from Alexis, she decides that she needs to get to the bottom of not only the business of her current terror, but a murder that occurred 5 years previously. Told from the point of view of Chrispen, I enjoyed the suspenseful build of fear that was generated as the menacing stalking continues to pierce and invade Chrispen's world with apparently no boundaries or protection. I found the use of the nightmare sequences to be a great way to introduce a further element of suspense - and mystery - to the story. For me, I enjoyed the plot, the character development and the suspense created in the first half of the book. I also enjoyed the glimpse into the music world that Miller provides. The second half of the book didn't continue to capture my attention like the first half did, in part because I started to find Chrispen's character annoying and not someone I was a willing to cheer on the sidelines for, but that is just my personal pet peeve. Other readers may have no problem with Chrispen's motivations and decisions. I also found the plot got rather thin in the last third of the book. With a sprinkling of romance and relationships to lighten this from being a truly dark suspense thriller - this was what I would consider to be a light suspense thriller - I feel that it would make for an easy summer read.