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  • On The Other Hand: The Little Anthology of Big Questions on Nov. 20, 2013

    In our modern day world, self-help books and philosophical novels have become something most people have sitting on their book shelves. Sometimes read, sometimes just sitting there. A lot of people write books about their personal struggles, ideas and journeys on the path of life. Some claim to have found the road to enlightenment, some claim they can point in the somewhat right direction, at least. There’s ten books to every possible problem or issue you might have. Some good, some less so. So why does this world need another one? Is there anything left unsaid? Well, there was. Renée Paule has written a true eye-opener. Starting off with her own personal story, the issues that formed her childhood and left her struggling blindly in a cold world, form the base of the book. From there, she takes us up, level by level, showing how we can truly start embracing our world and start thinking. What is it I really want in my life? How is it I really want my world to be? Provoking, startling and impossible to run from, she unfolds her way of seeing the world and connecting with what is true. She challenges your way of life, your way of thinking and asks the question that needs to be asked: Are you thinking? Have you honestly thought about your way of life, of being, of interacting with the world? Have you questioned yourself, your thoughts and your habits? Once you start thinking, there’s no going back. This one is different. It’s different because it’s brutally honest and completely free of ego. So many books in this genre is more about the author wanting recognition for his or her brilliancy on seeing their point of view than it is about a deep-felt wish to help. This one isn’t. Renée Paule has managed to get her message through as an honest, deep-felt invitation to have a closer look at your mind and life.