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Louise Ryder is the pen name for Theresa Crater’s visionary and women’s fiction. Born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, she grew up in the middle of the civil rights movement, an experience that left her believing anything is possible. At the age of seven, she announced to her parents she was going to be a writer. They promptly told her no one could make a living doing that. But like most kids, she didn’t listen.

God in a Box is Louise’s first novel. Lesbian feminist meets meditation.

Theresa Crater has published two mysteries in the Power Places series, an Egyptian contemporary fantasy Under the Stone Paw and Beneath the Hallowed Hill, set in Avalon. She’s also published several short stories, most recently “White Moon” in Riding the Moon and “Bringing the Waters” in The Aether Age: Helios, poetry and a baker’s dozen of literary criticism.

Currently, she teaches writing and literature at Metro State in Denver, but her first serious job was teaching meditation. Theresa’s fiction blends myth, metaphysics and just plain good adventure.

She lives with her life partner, their two cats, in Boulder, Colorado, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and all its wildlife.

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