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  • A Gentleman's Affair on Nov. 23, 2013

    Great read! The book follows Donovan Hart, owner of La Fuga Hotel, and the story itself is told from his POV. He’s successful, witty and confident and you are thrown into his world as he tries to find love. Having been through his playboy phase in the past he’s ready to settle down and find a lady to share his life with. You get to experience his many failed attempts at finding that true love. From ladies lying about their identities to god awful habits, his dates are disastrous, yet quite entertaining. Then Donovan meets one girl who has potential, Rebekah, who seems to be everything Donovan is looking for. Only one problem. She lives clear across the country and trying to maintain a long distance relationship is even harder than he expected. Of course it doesn’t help that he finds himself spending more and more time with Scarlett Montgomery, the sweet and beautiful interior decorator working for him on his hotel. It goes against all his rules to mix business with pleasure but their connection is instant and he soon realizes some things are worth making an exception for. But is seems a few appearance from a cheating whore could bring this new budding relationship to a halt and Donovan finds that he must fight for what he wants. The characters throughout the book were very well written, especially Donovan and Scarlett. They were so compatible and you could really feel their connection. Watching their relationship develop I got invested and I found myself really rooting for them. Which brings me to my only big gripe about the book. The ending!!!! Why, why, why, do you do that to us? Cliffhangers can be painful and this one was… a good way of course but is still sucked. Hopefully the sequel won’t take too long to be published and we can continue with Donovan and Scarlett’s story sooner than later. I definitely would recommend the book. It always nice finding talented new authors and I’m certain that the next book in the series will be even better than the first. I look forward to more from the author.
  • A Gentleman's Secret on Jan. 23, 2014

    Before you read any further, if you haven’t read Book 1 in the Series, A Gentleman’s Affair, then there are definitely going to be some spoilers. So go grab A Gentleman’s Affair, read it, and then come back to this review. :) In the sequel to A Gentleman’s Affair, we pick right back up where AGA left off. And although, this story is about Donovan and Scarlett, the author introduces us to so many more characters along the way. The prologue starts off in Scarlett’s POV, because remember, Donovan’s in the coma and not doing much talking, and actually several scenes are in her POV. I really enjoyed it when it did occur throughout the book, because as you are reading, you realize that Donovan is not the only one with secrets and Scarlett has a few of her own. We are finally properly acquainted with The Underground as well. There’s a whole freaking chapter dedicated to it. And in something quite sweet and unique, the author had actually let readers submit characters to be included in that chapter. We are given a hilarious, sexy, entertaining “ride” through The Underground and it will probably leave you thinking: Did that really just happen? Donovan and Scarlett’s story isn’t the only one we are privy to in A Gentleman’s Secret. Donovan’s dad, Bruce, also plays a large part in the book along with his love interest Shari. The author did a wonderful job of building these two characters up and making you fall in love with them as well, not just Donovan and Scarlett. As you are reading A Gentleman’s Secret, it’s clear that Scarlett is hiding something, and her deception is a painful revelation for Donovan. The results leave you, as a reader, ready to throw your book across the room. My emotions were definitely all over the place as I was reading. My heart was aching for Donovan, I was pissed at Scarlett, but then at the same time I was sympathetic towards her, and then I was pissed at myself for feeling any sympathy for her. It’s really amazing how many emotions this book brought out in me as I was reading and that’s definitely a credit to the authors writing. There is a point in the story where we get a glimpse of the “old” Donovan, notorious Malibu playboy, and I must say it’s quite hilarious. I was actually laughing out loud at what was going on and the dialogue in that particular scene was probably one of the funniest parts of the book to me. But also, possibly one of the saddest. Again, the author was pulling so many different emotions out of me at once. I won’t tell you how it ends, but there is definitely a crazy curve ball thrown in there. You really don’t know if there will be a happy ending or not….but hell, there is no cliff hanger and it does include an HEA. And you do get an Epilogue. A very funny, sexy one that left me wanting way more Donovan Hart. Overall, it really was a perfect sequel to me, full of humor, heartache, drama, danger, and a little suspense…TRUST ME. You NEED to read this book. I don’t think I will ever get enough of the confident, sexy, smart-assy, Donovan Hart. And the fact there is a book three in the works makes me a very happy girl.