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  • Everything You Do 1 on Oct. 28, 2015

    Loved it. The concept of friends to lovers has been a favorite of mine. Thank you for a great read.
  • Walking the Line on Oct. 30, 2015

    Great Read. Ellie and Finn are perfect for each other. So what of the age difference? They both rocked each other's worlds and ruled each other's hearts. I love the epilogue. Happy ending and it is three of hearts.
  • Devour Book One & Two on Oct. 30, 2015

    Great read. Maggie Culver is on the search to find who killed her parents. Thomas Ramsey is closer to her parents' murder. I wish all the books were free so that I may continue reading. Love, Mystery,'s a great hook to a reader. Great Read.
  • Bang! Book One on Oct. 30, 2015

    Wow talka about carpool to the extreme. Caryn gets stuck after work with no ride home; Mason is there to the rescue. The carpool turns to sex in the garage and more. It gets the reader hooked to see what Mason has in store for Caryn.
  • The Billionaire's Secret (An Erotic Romance) on Oct. 30, 2015

    The title is deceiving and I thought when I started reading this novella, i had downloaded the wrong book and/or there was a glich. Anyways, I did finish the novella. Sora Nakatomi is a former FBI agent. She has golden eyes and commits a murder. Instead of the big house, she is transferred to another big house, Skycorp. There, she is sentenced to being a servant and she meets Marie and Nola Pierce. She has to change her name and she changes it to Elen. Both Marie and Nolan are astonished and dismayed at her pick of the name. Later, Nolan reveals to her what it means. There is a connection between Sora/Elen, Nolan and Marie Pierce, Skycorp and possibly her niece, Rin. Just when it was getting good, it ends with a secret. The title was deceiving but the story is riveting. Sora/Elen is the female heroine. She sacrificed her career and freedom to protect her niece. She can kick ass as well. It looks like I have to buy the next installment in this series.
  • Truly Irresistible Book 1 on Nov. 01, 2015

    Raven and Jared friends turned lovers. Raven was in love with her best friedn Jared. Buddies for 10 years. Jared was involved with other women and Raven saw all that. He was going to propose to his latest girl, Cherise, who he was seeing for 6 months. Raven went on a drinking hoping to get laid rally. She was all into it, but he was not Jared. Jared proposed and Cherise rejected. Jared went straight to Raven and both of them shared the most highly erotic, sexual, powerful and wanting more copulation of their lives. Jared and Raven want more and it ends with Raven & Jared on the bed. I love the concept of friends turned lovers, especially when it works and their is no angst, guilt, and/or ulterior motive. I hope it works. I will have to read the next volumes to find out. Great start to the series.
  • Whispers Book One on Nov. 02, 2015

    Sir is so much better than Master - Victoria "Tori" is hooked on e-mails from the Master. His e-mails are sexually explicit. He knows who she is; while she does not. How unfair is that and creepy. Anyways, towards the end of the book, his identity is revealed. Hmmm....time for the games to begin.
  • Whatever He Desires (In the Arms of the Billionaire) on Nov. 03, 2015

    It was a good read. Instant attraction between Laurie and William - nursing and billionaire. His chauffeur/bodyguard helps her out of a bind. She and William copulate. Dom and sub. It was a good read.
  • Lick Book One on Nov. 03, 2015

    Gina Mitchell is newly divorced and moves back in with her brother. She meets his next door neighbor Landon. He has Ben attracted to her from the time he sees the family photos and meeting her in person intensifies his attraction and lust for her. He asks her to dogs it and to pay her back he invites her to dinner at his house. Well I do not have to go into detail as to what happens. They do an all nighter and in walks his wife. Really Landon! That was information that he should have disclosed considering Gina's recent divorce. I was so mad and this is just how Lucia pulls in her reader. She pulled me in with her writing and this twist. I wish the rest of the series was free. Great start to the series.
  • Belonging To You Book One & Two on Nov. 04, 2015

    Charlotte Wells and Drew Foster are sent to close the deal on a chain of coffee shops. The deal almost falls through but Drew saves the day and they celebrate by succumbing to their passion. I did not think there was an attraction. It just did not pore through the pages. Nonetheless, Drew talks about stopping by later at Charlotte's place after their boss's bday party. By the way, Charlotte does not attend any of the job parties; however, she crashes this one and wish she had not. Because at this party, Martin, their boss, announces the engagement of his daughter to Drew. Imagine that. Charlotte leaves, has a little vodka sorrow party, throws the shot glass and manages to get her feet impaled with a shard of glass. Drew still stops by and they do the deed. She throws him out. Calls in sick. After hanging out with a friend, Charlotte decides to drop by work and get a head start before she returns the next day. Thinking that she was the only one at work, she was surprised to hear a door closing. She calls out. When there was no answer, she uses a stapler as a weapon and manages to staple a bump on Drews head. That was funny. For me, the chemistry between Charlotte and Drew was not captivating and sparkless. It was bland. Drew should have told Charlotte about their Martin's idea about getting engaged to his daughter. He just did not man up. He deserved the slaps on the face from Charlotte. Hence, Charlotte should have slapped herself too before giving in to her attraction and lust for Drew. It was an ok read.
  • Finding Passion Books One & Two on Nov. 05, 2015

    I enjoyed it. Myrna is a curvaceous beauty who has been in the shadows of her blond, skinny, cheerleader type cousin Ashley. Zach Snow is the billionaire who has eyes only for her. He confesses to her that he has been wanting to do the deed with her since he laid eyes on her. Before he returns to New York, he wants to spend the evening with Myrna and boy do they. The sexual chemistry between Myrna and Zach is hot, sensual, lustful, sexy. I love that Zach likes Myrna and all her curves. I hate that Ashley's jealousy makes her b%#$y and negative towards Myrna. She should just be happy for her; instead of being negative. Hurrah for Myrna and more power to her. She is going after what she wants. She deserves to be happy. Great start to the series.
  • Stolen Kiss Book One & Two on Nov. 06, 2015

    Shelly Longfield loves being a personal assistant to her boss Hunter Bankston. Also, it helps that she is in love with him. He is a Dom; he needs a sub. He is curious to know if she can give up the control she has over running his office to give control of her body to him. She sees a BDSM class in his house which turns her on and Hunter takes her to the guest house to appease his curiousity and his lust on Shelly. After their copulation, he draws her in by giving her a raise that will help her mom with her rent and keep Shelly indebted to him. A contract is drawn and the BDSM games begin. It seems like another 50 shades knock off.
  • Tempted on Nov. 07, 2015

    I loved it!. Lucy Reid and Jason Young - their chemistry just steamed off the pages. More power to thick, curvaceous women and the men that love them. I hated the bet that she was not invited to because of the way she looks. Oh well, she got Jason and he's got the prize-Luxy. The sex scenes were HOT, believable and not like what the heck. I love the teasing banter, i.e. Ms. Reid; Mr. Young. the panty stealing...Funny. I love it. Great start to the series.
  • The Benefit on Nov. 08, 2015

    it was ok. The first person is not usually the best narrative; it was too descriptive of everything Natasha did from the time she wakes up to picking out her matching bra & panty. The chemistry between her and Steffan was bland. It was an ok read.
  • The Hottie Billionaires Series: Romancing A Banking Magnate Book 1 (The Billionaire Meets The Damsel In Distress) on Nov. 08, 2015

    Very interesting concept. Billionaire Xavier Yuchengco successful, 35, CEO of UNB and has his pick of available, hot women. Despite all that, he has a bigger problem - his impotence which is doing wonders to his male ego and pride. To find the cure, he puts out a one page ad to find the woman to be his wife and baby momma. Then, there is Katrina De Leon - law studednt and oldest child to a farmer who has a heart attack, who used his farm to pay off gambling debts, an alcholic, may lose the bank to foreclosure and who lost the love of his wife in a fatal car accident that was his fault. She raises money on her own by borrowing and requesting from the bank to hold off seizing the farm. She is running out of time and money. She looks for a job, sees and responds to Xavier's ad. She arrives at his office with no appointment, but manages to get the receptionist to let Xavier know she is here to see him. He refuses but when he sees her through the double mirror he is mesmerized and changes his mind. She turns him on and she is his cure. Nice read. There were a few grammatical errors; nonetheless, it was a nice read. Both characters are loyal and devoted to their family. Katrina wants to save her family's farm; while Xavier wants to grant his sick mom's wish of him getting married and giving him grandchildren.
  • Climax on Nov. 13, 2015

    It was ok. the author had mixed up names for the male character. I thought it was Mason and then it was Dane. I think it is Mason. It was an ok read.
  • Billionaire Bound: My Billionaire Boss, Part 1 (A BDSM Erotic Romance) on Nov. 13, 2015

    Delilah is trying to take down Stone-Black corporation for destroying her hometown. She gets more than she bargained for her new boss, Jackson Stone - CEO to Stone Black. The spanking and the bondage fetish games begins.
  • Billionaire Bond: My Billionaire Boss, Part 2 (A BDSM Erotic Romance) on Nov. 13, 2015

    2nd novella. The sexual trysts between Delilah Neri and Jackson Stone continues. She was on the quest of finding dirt to take down his company for destroying her hometown; but she is deterred by his passon, his lust and his dominance over her.
  • Billionaire Bondage: My Billionaire Boss, Part 3 (A BDSM Erotic Romance) on Nov. 13, 2015

    The 3rd novella in this series. Delilah and Jackson continue in this sub and dom story.
  • Foolish Pride: Blind Love 1 on Nov. 13, 2015

    Ashley is a writer who has no luck with getting her books to successfully sell. She applies for and gets a job as an assistant to her favorite writer - Anthony Lang- who is also blind. She moves into his house and transcribes his dication for his books onto her laptop. They become closer and develop a working relationship that leads to dinner and a kiss. Great start to the series. Great chemistry between the characters. The characters getting together was a given considering the living arrangements and working conditions. Fool For You Blind Love 2 excerpt at end of Blind Love 1.
  • Not My Type on Nov. 15, 2015

    I loved it. Great love story between Elsa Starling and Joe Malone and Spike. This story took on a medical condition that plagues so many people. Getting immediate help, writing the cookbook, working out and eating right were positive aspects in dealing with Elsa's condition. It did get frustrating when the miscommunication, misunderstanding and jealousy took over their lives. Nonetheless, it ended on a high note. I loved it. Great Read!!!!
  • At Her Knees Book One on Nov. 15, 2015

    Ember is maid, cook, housekeeper, personal house assistant to billionaire Blake. Ember is secretly attracted to Blake; but, she will not risk her job by acting on it. He goes on vacation for a month. Enter Blaine, Blake's twin brother. He is so different from Blake. He drives a bike, wears jeans, and tells Ember he wants her. He is there a week and is ready to climb the walls. He convinces Ember to go out with him. He takes her to a BDSM club and her introduction to it convinces her to give herself to Blaine. She likes it alot and the cliff hanger leaves the reader wanting more. Another Lucia reel in. Great start to the series.
  • Released to Rapture (Irresistible Inmate) on Nov. 17, 2015

    Hot and I am hooked.. Duncan, just released from prison and hitchikes to Kansas and is in lust with Goldie, widowed and owner of a farm that has seen better days. Goldie has been lonely and they do not waste time getting into bed. Parents like Duncan but tell Goldie to be mindful and cautious. Their trysts are passionate, sensual, and hot. Great start to the series.
  • The Professor's Secret on Nov. 20, 2015

    Nice Read.
  • The Old Fashioned Billionaire - Book 1 on Nov. 21, 2015

    Ok so the title was a little deceiving. There were flowers, dinner, tour of the rich cabin. I was expecting more of a courtship; instead there was hot oral sex, maid outfit, high heels. dom & sub tendencies. Honestly, I was not sure if billionaire Damien Wesley was looking for a wife or a hot date 1 day and 1 night. Nonetheless, he seems to have found more with Laura Daniels - single and broke waitress. He took her from diner she worked at to further explore what is between them. Ugh! It ends with a cliffhanger.
  • One Night Stand on Nov. 21, 2015

    Loved it. Great short story about Jacey & Ivan - an older woman and a young gent. I would like to see them hook up again. Their chemistry was titillating. Loved it.
  • Chosen by the Billionaire on Nov. 27, 2015

    Wow. That's a way to climb up the ladder Hot short read. I admired Caroline's stance on getting her co-workers their jobs back. Very brave. Brett sounds hot and smart. Heck he hired Caroline as his CEO/Personal Assistant. Honey work it.
  • A Mutt in Disguise on Nov. 27, 2015

    Goodwill story and getting it on with a millionaire shape shifter. Why not get it on for the holidays.
  • Let's Get a Quickie: a Sex-Rated Blues Quicky #5 on Nov. 27, 2015

    Now that was a quickie.
  • Seducing Jason on Nov. 27, 2015

    Nice. Hope there is a sequel to this series.
  • Tired of Sex- A Short Story on Nov. 27, 2015

    Wow!!! It ended too soon.
  • Keeping David on Nov. 27, 2015

    I loved it. It was sweet, sensual, passionate and steamy. Age is nothing but a number - Janine got her young stud and David got his MILF. I am glad that they kept each other. I loved it.
  • Holiday Naughty: My Alpha Bad Boy Client on Dec. 04, 2015

    It was ok. I almost did not finish it. It could have used some editing and I'm not sure if it was written in a rush. The characters were not riveting nor memorable. It was ok.
  • Snowed In on Dec. 05, 2015

    The verbal abuse was not necessary. Kyle was a jackbutt. He really did not have to be a jackbutt. Yes, Kara stood up to him; however, I would not have tolerated it. I understand that he was being a jackbutt to hide his attraction and dissuade himself from succumbing to her. Nonetheless, the verbal abuse was not necessary. Henceforth, the story did get better. The sex scene was hot. The love story ended with Kyle following Kara and claiming her. Yes, some ediitng would have been nice. All in all, it was a nice read.
  • Santa Baby, I Want A Bad Boy For Christmas on Dec. 06, 2015

    I loved it. It was sweet, sexy, sensual, and sassy. It is what Christmas is all about. Making wishes come true, spending time with loved ones and giving. I would like to see Morgan and Gunner's story continue. I would like to see Chloe get her own story. I love this story.
  • Rough To Ride on Dec. 06, 2015

    Great read. I would like for this book to continue. Role play is sexy, sensual and fun.
  • Ablaze: Erotic Romance on Dec. 12, 2015

    I loved it. The only objection I have is that it was not long enough. I love the differences in background story. Cheyenne is the rich girl; while, Luke is her ranch hand who has is rough around the edges, but a gentle soul. I would like to see more of these two characters. I hope that there is a sequel.
  • Forbidden Future Series Volume 1, Part 2: Kyle on Dec. 13, 2015

    Interesting idea. Jaime, a male robot made to think for himself and cater to his maker, Naomi. They get caught and of course there is a 3rd party who wants to keep quiet about their transgression, Kyle. Sounds like he will use it to his advantage. Looking forward to reading the next on.
  • Forbidden Future Series Volume 1, Part 2: Kyle on Dec. 13, 2015

  • The Student (His Dark Lessons, Part One) on Dec. 15, 2015

    Great start. I love the characters, Cassandra and Chance. He wanted to be her Dom and she his submissive. She was ready to give herself when she found him in a compromising position with another woman; then, Cassandra's father passes away. She is very close to her father and her grief is taking over. She is bent on revenge for Chance breaking her heart; but she loves him and it is hard to resist him. Great Read.
  • Bossy Request on Dec. 19, 2015

    okay read.
  • Pierced Book One on Dec. 19, 2015

    Good read.
  • New Sensation (Curves for the Rock Star - Free BBW Rockstar Erotic Romance) on Dec. 19, 2015

    Good read. Amy Reid and Rick Borrell perfect fictional couple. However, if they hit it off and felt comfortable to talk about anything, why didn't Rick tell Amy about the most important person in his life and that he had another life? Nonetheless, it was good read.
  • Proposed by the Billionaire on Dec. 19, 2015

    Ok this was a little weird. I have no hang ups on D/S relationship; however, leaking from a bowl was a little too demeaning. Nonetheless, I finished it; however, I am very reluctanct about reading the second installment.
  • In His World 1 – Billionaire Contemporary Erotic Romance, Domination BDSM Seduction Erotica on Dec. 19, 2015

    It was ok. The characters really did not have the chemistry coming off the pages of the book. Even the sex scene was not well written. It just did not make sense. I'm glad that the rest of the series is not free. This was not a great start.
  • The Cop And The Girl From The Coffee Shop on Dec. 20, 2015

    Great read.
  • Loving Chance on Dec. 20, 2015

    Sooo good. I have always loved the friends to lovers concept. Olivia " Livie" and Chance are best friends; yet Livie felt more for Chance. It so good and there was no cliffhange. Awesome Read.
  • Branded on Dec. 20, 2015

    It was ok. There were too many run on sentences and grammatical errors. I lost count as to how many times Danny called Christie baby girl. It was ok.
  • Billionaire Season on Dec. 22, 2015

    I was wondering if the characters talked a mile a minute. It'ls like they just talked and did not breath. Long paragraphs. It was ok. Of course there was a cliffhanger. I
  • Turn My Head on Dec. 24, 2015

    Great read. I love the characters. I love the comparison to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with the oldest brother, Adam, getting his head turned by Mae, a buxom curvaceous beauty. I love the sibling love and arguments. I love the fact that all the brothers knew how Adam felt about Mae and ridiculously ribbed him about it. They quickly accepted Mae into their household and family. Also, I loved how religion was brought into the story. I was raised a Catholic. What frustrated me was Mae's low self esteem and how she tried to avoid Adam. Also, she felt she could not handle him being wealthy. Nonetheless, he won her over and she succumbed to his charms and her feelings for him. I hope the next brother who gets his head turned book is free. Great start to the series.
  • Pierced on Dec. 27, 2015

    I loved it and could not put it down. Two people with devastating pasts come together through an escort service. Lia and Lucian are perfect together. I love that I felt the chemistry between them. Instantly, I was captivated, saddened and angered at Lia's history of abuse and homelessness; then, as the story progressed, I find out more about Lucian and his history of a love gone bad and loss. I love the pov from both characters. I love how Lucian's feelings were so heartfelt, well written and sweet to the eyes that I practically swooned. Their love scenes are so hot, sensual and passionate. Lia and Lucian's story did remind of a few popular erotic series; however, that did not dissuade me from reading this book. I disliked the fact that it ended in a cliffhanger. It is an amazing start to the series. Thank you, Ms. Landon. Awesome read.
  • Preferred Rewards on Dec. 27, 2015

    Good read.
  • A Long Goodbye (Southern Comfort-Book 1) on Dec. 30, 2015

    I loved it. It was so sweet and refreshing. It is so nice to read a book that was not heavy on the love scenes; however, those not so elaborate love scenes were still passionate, sensual, steamy, and left more to the imagination than a more descriptive one. The old adage less is best still remains true. I love Dane and Ashton. Dane wanted her to grow up and be the woman that she needed and wanted to be; while, Ashton just wanted to break away from her father's hold, fall in love and find someone that loves her for her. I love that bucket list. What a way to break the ice. I love that they can never get enough of each other. I love their reaction to each other. They are so perfect for each other. I love that there was not a cliff hanger to this book. I love that Ashton's best friend, LuLu, found her long awaited and well deserved happiness. An amazing read. I loved it.
  • Twisted on Jan. 01, 2016

    if was ok.
  • Finding Redemption on Jan. 02, 2016

    There were a few errors; but, other than that, I loved it. I was intrigued by the prologue and could not stop reading. It broke my heart to read about Brian's past. It explained how he became the man that he was - one night stands and drugs, Then, there is Shiloh who lost someone she loved and basically wanted to live life and start spending time with her brother, Hunter. So she and her BFF Melanie up, move and settle from Massachusetts to California. From the moment Shiloh and Brian looked at each other, both were gone. As with every love story, there is angst, demons, pasts that come back to haunt and a present rife with conflict, challenge, sadness, love and happiness. I love that Shiloh and Brian endured and have their happily ever after. 5 Stars Read!
  • Impulse: Infinitus Billionaire on Jan. 03, 2016

    I really enjoyed it. I love Alexander "Lex" Fitzgerald and Jillian "Jilly" Finnegan. The storyline was a little slow; but, as you read it got better. I love Lex - rich, protective, controlling, extreme sports enthusiast, passionate, sensual, sexy, smooth talking dirty mouth alpha man ; then, there is Jillian - stuntwoman for the stars, extreme sports enthusiast, loves bikes, guns, martial arts trained, beautiful, has curves in all the right places, great sense of humor, protective, passionate, sensual, foul mouthed, sensitive, and strong. I love the family dynamics - love 'em, hate 'em, will do anything for them, loyal to a fault and overprotective. They both come from big families and both are the main caretakers. I like the twist the storyline took especially with Jillian's lineage. The sex was hot and easy to picture. Lex's millionare posse sounds hot. Great start to the series.
  • Hot Ink on Jan. 06, 2016

    I loved it. It was so good. When the two main characters, Eric and Mina, finally consumated their relationship, I cheered. I love Mina who is the sole guardian of her sister, Jessie, who is a paraplegic. She i so strong, so mature for a twenty something young lady, who basically had to grow up real fast and set aside her own needs to make Jessie her priority; then, there is Eric, who is a tattoo artist, who lost his sister from a fatal car accident. He took his time with Mina and went at her pace. Instead of bailing on Mina when he meet her sister, he became more enamored of Mina because of her love and devotion to Jessie. Eric and Mina's moments together are sweet and sensual. i felt their chemistry from the first page. Their photo shoot, thanks to Mina's BFF, Karen and her matchmaking intentions, brought their passion to simmer. From then on, it boiled over. I hated the bullying that Jessie had endured. I hated that Jessie's homecoming date bailed on her, but the boy next door saved the day. It was an awesome start to the series.
  • Private Love in a Public Place on Jan. 08, 2016

    It was OK. I almost did not finish it.
  • The Neighbor – Book 1 (An Erotic Romance Series) on Jan. 08, 2016

    Enjoyed it. I wish this was not a cliffhanger and that the rest of the series was free. Shucks!
  • For One Night Only on Jan. 09, 2016

    Wow. What a twist. For One Night Only was a way for Brent, Chris' father, to get and enjoy pleasure at the same time blackmail Lana to walk away from Chris. Lana on the other hand got the money to pay her debts and get her sex on. Nice twist. Rough sex that was totally kept in tact and not overy rough. Good short read.
  • Forever and Always Collection (Romance Boxed Set) on Feb. 06, 2016
    (no rating)
  • Western Romance: The New Farm Hand on Feb. 07, 2016

    Very nice read.
  • Meandros; An Erotic Journey on Feb. 13, 2016

    Very sweet short story. I would like to read more of Tammy's HEA with another man. It made me cry to read about her first love. Nonetheless, she is moving on and living. That was what life is about. Very sweet short story.
  • Come Monday on Feb. 14, 2016

    Loved it. Not a cliffhanger. HEA for Kiera and Will.
  • Nice Girl Naughty on Feb. 28, 2016

    Loved it.
  • A Perfect Moment on March 04, 2016

    Loved it. Character growth. Happily ever after for the main characters. Great read.
  • Picture Perfect on March 08, 2016

    I love this book. The positive message it conveyed: love yourself. Great read!
  • Everly on March 09, 2016

    I loved it. Everly and Mason are perfect for each other. I enjoyed their banter and teasing. The sex scenes hot. Their support system strong loyal and loving. Looking forward to reading the next installment. Great start to the series.
  • Losing Forever on March 18, 2016

    I read this twice. I didn't remember reading it before. Then as i was reading it i remembered i did and could not put it down. There were errors - grammatical and which college they were attending. On one page it was written Cal State University; then on another page it was North Carolina. The book is about young love and betrayal and it did piss me off. Jordan did not give Reece the chance to explain and then she has her BFF Judy break up with Reece. Then she gets upset because he slept with other women. Okay she broke up with him. They were not exclusive anymore. However I was glad that Trevor and Judy finally got together. I did cry when Trevor and Jordan' s mom passed away. I love that Reece bought their childhood home and put Jordan's name on the deed. In the end Jordan and Reece realized they will always be forever. All in all it was a good read.
  • Billionaire Romance: Out of The Cold (Book One) on March 19, 2016

    Short and sweet.
  • FIGHT(A Bad Boy MMA Romantic Suspense Novel) on Sep. 05, 2016

    Great Read! It was suspenseful, sex driven and very adult situations. There was a mistake in relation to hands. It read his hands, when it should have been her hands. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it. Two people who had despondent pasts end up in love together with a happy ending. I would love to see more of Tripp and Winter. Great Read!