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Michael Balkind
Latest book: The Fix. Published January 10, 2014. (5.00 from 5 reviews)

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  • Sudden Death (endorsed by James Patterson & Clive Cussler) on Nov. 13, 2010

    Balkind has created a character who is a believable, flawed and ultimately likeable. Reid is unashamedly human and personality development actually made me smile. The golf passages were beautiful. I felt like I was on the fairway with them. The pressure, the feel, the elation of a sweet hit. Well presented. Made me want to get out there immediately. The climax was sharp and unexpected. I enjoyed the shock of it. Great! A minor negative: I lost track if all the characters. Too many without memorable personalities. Of course, I realised after a while they were incidental and there only to build the tension but for a while I tried keeping track of everyone. Often in crime novels I'm annoyed when the plot deviates from the 'action' or main story. In Sudden Death it was a pleasant aside, introducing some characters I hope to meet again. In particular, the advertising campaign. Well orchestrated and described, I could see the set and you had me completely believing this was a real promotion. A great novel, easy to read, ultimately enjoyable.