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  • Twilight of the Immortal on Sep. 19, 2013

    Engaging and well-written. However, a word of warning to the serious Valentino fan: Prepare to meet the fantasy version of Valentino presented by such discredited writers as Kenneth Anger and David Bret. Indeed, both "Hollywood Babylon" and "Valentino: A Dream of Desire" are cited in the author's bibliography. I wish that the author had expanded her research to include a properly sourced biography of Valentino, such as "Dark Lover". June Mathis also receives very inaccurate treatment, and Valentino's recordings issued only posthumously are noted within the novel as soaring "to the top of the charts" within his lifetime. As a Valentino fan, I was greatly disappointed, however, I do commend the author's writing and ability to sustain a narrative tempo.