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I devour cosy crime novels – absolutely adore them; in particular American authors, Laura Childs and Nancy Atherton and British authors Carola Dunne and MC Beaton . Having read so many, I had an urge to write my own cosy novel. I’d had a few short stories and articles published and had just finished promoting a children’s book so decided to jump on board and create my own mystery, develop a set of memorable characters and have them all living in the quintessential 1950s English village. In short, I wanted to write a cosy mystery that I longed to read, full of twists and turns, red herrings and bring in villagers, (some I admit are stereotypical), that readers will love and root for in adversity. I’ve enjoyed writing this particular story and it’s so lovely to open up the laptop and emerge myself into James’ world. It’s certainly a wonderful way to escape from the realities of the everyday life.

My hope is to turn out a new Lord James Harrington mystery either every year or certainly every two years and to build up a following of fans eager to enjoy the next adventure. Take a look around this site and find out more about Lord James Harrington and the village of Cavendish. If you like what you see, simply go on to your e-reader and download a copy.

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