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Smashwords book reviews by MCDulac

  • Mohini on March 17, 2014

    Spine-chilling supernatural tale Mohini begins with a dramatic car accident on a lonely road in the remote hills of Ceylon. As the two characters crawl free of the wreck, they face a long wait for rescue - in the very place where folklore says Mohini, a mysterious young woman, walks the midnight roads searching for dying souls. The fabulous descriptions and wonderful sense of place and setting, create a tense and spooky atmosphere, right up to the spine-tingling finale. Great stuff.
  • Salyuta on March 17, 2014

    Thrilling tale set in Mexico. The hero is looking forward to a holiday after a three month work assignment, but at the car rental he sees a dangerously gorgeous girl - the type of girl to make him forget all his plans, to make him forget everything. Pursuing her along the coast, he becomes obsessed and reckless, as he will do anything to win her. Fast-paced, sexy, sophisticated and with a shocking and grisly twist, Salyuti is a chilling and fantastic read.
  • Beyond The Reef on March 17, 2014

    Tense ocean thriller. A writer, wanting to research deep sea diving in the Dominican Republic for his latest novel, accompanies a young fisherman beyond the reef. The hero soon finds himself immersed (literally) in a tense psychological battle not only with the ocean but with his own past and fears. The descriptions of the sea and the reef are fantastic and the fear of the hero is very real.