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  • The Days Beyond on Aug. 08, 2013

    Attention all Readers! Watch this space! Even if you've never read anything before - start here. Hitch a ride with Wayne Roux's "The Days Beyond" and "travel" with him. Become a part of "Lionel" and share the intrigue as his life seems to unravel right before his very "Eye"! Expect the unexpected. South Africa and the literary world can expect this home-grown, up-and-coming writer to go places! The Days Beyond is a fast, action-packed and spell-binding tale. This novel reads easily and is not bound by the normal, boring laws that govern writing. Refreshing. Well developed and exciting. Simply addictive! Compelling reading. "Grab" a copy and it'll be sure to "grab" you back. (All puns intended.) Read it! Now!!