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I run ( with my business partner) MKP Entertainment.
We cover the whole of the UK with family and childrens entertainment.
Including Birthday Parties, Fetes, Weddings and Corporate.

I love reading and try to read as often as I can in between my work and other interests...travelling, cinema ( avid movie buff)and games.

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Smashwords book reviews by David Green

  • Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon on Aug. 05, 2011
    star star star
    This is a very good paranormal themed story about a young man haunted by an event in his past and decides to confront his terrors. The story is told from the view point of "Willy" or Liam (as he later calls himself) and the characters involved are easy to get involved with and get attached to. Something is happening to Liam and his best friend, Kenny ( who goes on the journey with him) all the way through, which makes the reader want to carry on reading and the final relevation finishes the story well. Although there are ghosts, fiery dragons and general creepiness happening regularly throughout the story it does not grab you and have you hiding behind the sofa so even those who are a bit squeemish about this type of story will enjoy it. It's a nice change for an author to tie all the ends up and actually finish a story instead of leaving the reader wondering "yeah but !!! " However ; The first 30% or so of the story is pretty much written well but after this it's as if the author suddenly loses his ability to write or only bothered to get the first 30% of the book proof read before publishing. The mistakes after the first 30% are glaring at you off the page with either whole missing words or words the wrong way around in a sentence as well as numerous general typo errors. This makes the book difficult to read and it's only the power of the story that got me through to the end. If the author could get this book properly beta read or proof read it would be much better received by the reader. However i still believe that this is an enjoyable story so it's definately worth a look at. I have only marked as three stars due to the amount of errors. Once these are corrected then i would give this 4 stars.
  • Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon on Aug. 05, 2011
    star star star star
    Update on my review below : Erik Gustafson has informed me that it looks like i got one of the older versions of this book that had not had a proper read through before publication. So like i mentioned in my review below once the errors have been corrected ( which hopefully they will have been in the new draft) i would give this a 4 star rating as the story is enjoyable.
  • The Devil's Game by S.L. Pierce and Maren Kaye on Aug. 17, 2011
    star star star star star
    It’s not very often i pick up a book and literally cannot put it down and feel a need to read it all in one go but that is exactly what happened here. I picked up this book at 2pm and 5 hrs later finished it simply because there was never a point in the whole story where the suspense stopped and i could take a breather. Rachel, the main character, is being stalked and you are kept guessing all the way through, until the authors want you to know, as to who is the stalker. But even then there are more twists and sub plots that take you to the thrilling conclusion. Thrills and chills right from the word go as the authors keep up the pace relentlessly. This is one of those little golden nuggets that a reader is constantly searching for, a novel that is fully enjoyable with absolutely nothing negative to say about it. Well done to both SL Pierce & Maren Kaye i seriously hope that this book gets noticed and someone decides to base a film on it.
  • Wizard of Time on Aug. 31, 2011
    star star star star
    Wizard Of Time follows the adventures of three teenagers, Josh, Meri & Digger who get enlisted by a Wizard to put back an object stolen from time. The characters are very likeable and the story, which has a dungeons & dragons feel to it, is easy to follow with lots of action and surprises along the way. The three teens also have to get to grips with dormant magical powers before they can complete their tasks as well as deal with how to survive in a strange place/time with no-one to look out for them. Anybody who likes the “King Arthur” legends will also enjoy this as the teens first adventure is based around this timeline. The book is aimed at the YA market but I reckon any age would love the story as it kept me intrigued right to the end. On the critical side the story never explains why the wizard could not just go on the mission himself and why he needs the help of the three teens and there’s not enough interruption, during the mission, from the bad guys. But i’m guessing, from clues given in the story, that this is one of a series and hopefully the bad guys ( the Bards) will be more disruptive in future exploits. So i’m looking forward to the sequels......
  • Something in the Dark on Sep. 09, 2011
    star star star star
    Something In The Dark By PJ Cowan This is a “who’s doing it” type murder mystery thriller that keeps the reader guessing who the killer is all the way through. There are plenty of red herrings to throw you off and at one point I had 4 suspects in mind. About halfway through I realised something that the author had done, which is done in films of the same genre on a regular basis, which told me who the tormentor was. I can’t say more than this without spoiling the story. There are a couple of other points in the story where the author has followed the typical “film” plot but even with this, you question yourself as to whether you’ve got it right or not, until the Author is ready to reveal. The story starts off quite slow as the author sets the scene and introduces us to the characters but the pace picks up once the killings begin. A great story with good, indepth characters. I look forward to reading more books by PJ Cowan.
  • Flidderbugs on Sep. 28, 2011
    star star star star
    Flidderbugs is a quirky short tale about two opposing tribes of bugs that live in the Krephiloff Tree. The major argument between themselves is whether the leaves have three or four points to them. Little do they know that just around the corner is real danger to their very existence and the two opposing tribes will have to overcome their differences if they are to survive. Although this is a short story it comes with a big message. In any argument just because you think you are right does not mean that you are right and that the real correct answer might be beyond what you see. Jonathon concentrates on the storyline and never actually describes what the Flidderbugs look like but despite this holds your attention from the first page to the last. This is a story that should suit all ages as the characters are very likeable with a plot very easy to follow.
  • Doodling on Oct. 21, 2011
    star star star star star
    A charming story about Neville Lansdowne who fell off the world as he could no longer hold on because the world is moving too fast. However as he is searching for somewhere new to live, out in the asteroid belt, he soon realises there’s danger waiting just around the corner which he must deal with or his new found friends lives are in serious jeopardy. This is a short story and Jonathon Gould’s writing style, with a slight mix of satire, shines through. If you were to mix up the novels “disc world” and “Alice In Wonderland” then you would have a general idea of where this story sits. A wonderful mix of quirky characters and an action packed plot make it a must read suitable for all ages. I especially liked the character on the aimless asteroid.